Artya Watches: The “Artpiece 1/1” and the “Coup de foudre”

Founded by Yvan Arpa, Swiss luxury watch brand Artya introduced the “Artpiece 1/1” and the “Coup de foudre” collections at the opening of the Geneva Time Exhibition from 17th to 22nd January 2010.

As a vibrant tribute to the Gilbert & George spirit, Artya conceives a contemporary work of art, a true allegory for the creative process that has inspired and guided this maverick collection.

Artya Watches

At the crossroads where the sanctified traditions of fine craftsmanship encounter the bold novelty of contemporary art and where the creative talent of the artist forges with the watchmaker’s dexterity to craft a unique masterpiece, a matchless work of art is magically born: “Artpiece 1/1”, an exceptional timepiece, part of the first Artya collection of 360 unique pieces 1/1. “Coup de foudre” represents a second collection featuring watchcases literally struck by lightning.

Artya Watches

To create these timepieces, Yvan Arpa called upon a painter that he knows well and has been close to for two decades, Dominique Arpa-Cirkpa, his spouse. He entrusted her with the dials of the Artpiece 1/1 collection.

These dials embody aspects of miniaturized paintings. As a boundless expression of the intricate precision that commands watchmaking, they turn into true works of art reigning supreme on the wrist of the aesthete, the enthusiast or the collector.

Artpiece 1/1 – 360 unique pieces

Each piece in the “Artpiece 1/1” collection is unique. Created by the artist, crafted by the watchmaker, these one-of-kind artistic creations are each distinctly made; none can be doubled or replaced.

“Coup de foudre”

Obeying the artist’s whim and imagination, the watchcase from the “Coup de foudre” collection are struck by lightning and undergoes thermal combustion, moulding, engraving and various drastic processes that are handcrafted in the Artya workshops.

Technical details

Entirely manufactured and assembled by master watchmakers in Switzerland, the self-winding mechanical movement’s balance oscillates at 28,800 vibrations per hour
Endowed with incredible precision, the movement is fitted with noncircular square-shaped gears around the works of Mr. Pascal Winkler, an eminent HES Professor of microtechnical engineering at the HEArc located in Le Locle, Switzerland

Engraved, moulded and put through a series of severe batterings, the case is crafted in stainless steel grade 316
Artpiece 1/1: Satin-finished black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)
Coup de foudre: Embossed, defaced, tortured and struck by lightning i.e.100,000 volts, 200,000 volts, 500,000 volts and even 1,000,000 volts
Water-resistant up to 50 meters

Each dial is a unique work of art. Hand decorated according to 17 specific artistic techniques up to now unexploited in the watchmaking field. They combine collage, application of dyes and pigments, forging, etc.

The hand-sewn strap is made of high-tech rubber combined with processed “Alzavel waterproof” calfskin or with “Crazy frog” tanned toad skin.

24 months