Antoine Preziuso “Take Time Tube”

Swiss luxury watch maker Antoine Preziuso surprises us with his creativity and savoir-faire by presenting his new creation “Take Time Tube”. His latest invention, propels us to the outer reaches of the 21st century with its cutting-edge technology and daring aesthetics.

Preziuso, as founder of his own eponymous brand, enjoys total creative freedom and is never afraid to step off the beaten horological path. A member of both the Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants and the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, he is a watchmaker who cannot be ignored. After topping his year at the Ecole d’Horlogerie in Geneva, he has worked independently since 1980, lodging numerous patents – like the famed 3Volution movement with its three tourbillon cages. He has also become a master of apprenticeship, passing on the passion and experience that lie behind 250 watchmaking adventures.

So there is not surprise in seeing him produce cutting-edge timepiece collections. His work as a designer knows no constraints. He dares to be different, dreaming up audacious technical and aesthetic solutions, sometimes with recourse to rare materials like meteorite. The latest addition to his avantgarde world, the ingenious Time Tube, provides a startlingly original way of reading the time: a digital hour- and minute display generated by a vertically-positioned mechanical movement.

Technical details

  • Limited series of 28 timepieces per material
  • Swiss automatic movement with vertical calibre
  • Top-quality finish, entirely hand-engraved
  • 42-hour power-reserve
  • Digital hour & minute display
  • Seconds indicator to side of cylinder
  • Toothed winding-wheel to side
  • Case in different materials, as requested


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