Young Swiss watch brand Valbray showcased their first collection of timepieces at Geneva Time Exhibition in 2010. These interactive watches sport a manually rotatable bezel that allows them to change appearance.

Valbray has reinterpreted the diaphragm of the watch so as to propose and simplified manner to display time without though discarding the presence of a chronograph. Its double display mechanism therefore makes the V.01 collection revolutionary and is able to match style and skill.

The result is a contemporary, elegant and sporty watch. You will be able to hide or display the dial and adapt it to your mood or wish.

The Ovoid-shaped case is identifiable by pulled lines and shinning chamfer. The side is energetic with tighten sculpted shapes among where the crown and the pushers emerge. The case is design by an innovating architecture that allow, by decomposition, the use of the most suitable material for each function: aesthetic and technical. The crown has been divided in 8 parts, individually made, in order to reach a high richness of detail. After the finish, each piece is assembled by hand.

VALBRAY V.01 Chrono Titanium PVD (with grade 5 titanium case, a bezel in grade 5 titanium with a PVD treatment)

Dials are in relief. To make it, the company divides each layer and each surface in instinct pieces that sculpt in the mass. This decomposition allows an infinite variation of colour and finish. The dial is hand assembled and set, like a puzzle. the brand is presenting precise finishing and treatment on every surface, that give to the dial this unique aspect. The machining of these thin pieces requires strong skills and a precision of less than 0,01mm in order to make the assembly with high precision. These effects are not doable with a stamped dial.

VALBRAY V.01 Chrono Red gold PVD (with red gold grade 5 titanium case, a bezel in grade 5 titanium with a PVD treatment)

The rotating bezel is a result of more than two years of research, development and tests. It integer an innovating design beside a smart use of material like Titanium, Rhodium ceramics among others. It has been design to resist numerous cycle of rotation overpass more than 4 times the failure stands of the industry (Chronofiable).

The mechanical movement has been inspired by the famous Valijoux, and is fully hand decorated and equipped with a new rotor winding with ceramic ball bearing. Its obturation system with a multilayer treatment is perfectly water and dust proof and indexed by opposition.

The obturation system has not been easy to integer in such a small water and dust proof space. The company has designed a mechanics that and a blade shape that fits perfectly. These very thin pieces are treated by a multi layer coat that provides this particular finish and perennial look.

The hands of hour and minutes present the originality to be fully machined in one bloc that allows beautiful facets. Energetic and sharp, these hands are the result of more than 20 manufacturing operations. Cast in one piece, sculpted and openwork in the mass, these identifiable hands are hand – faceted, brushed and angled. These delicate operations need the know-how of very skilled workers.

Technical details

Model: VALBRAY V.01

•V.01 Red Gold PVD
•V.01 Titanium PVD
•V.01 Titanium

Dual display with a manual concentric circular reveal system

Caliber V.CA1
Mechanic auto winding on Valjoux base
Hand decorated
Fully redesigned winding rotor cushioned in 17 pieces on ceramic ball bearings
Balance oscillating at 28 800 bph
27 functional jewels
44 hours of power reserved

Case design based on a modular architecture
External component in grade 5 titanium and PVD
Screw in grade 5 titanium with a redesigned layout
Sapphire crystal dial side with anti-reflective treatment on both faces, display back with anti-reflective treatment on a single face

Rotating bezel
Multi strip system with a multilayer treatment
Guiding on an innovative titanium – rhodium – ceramic construction
Indexation by opposition
Resistant up to 5 atm

Multilayer decomposed in distinct elements, hand finished and assembled.

Alligator hand sown

Limited edition
V.01 Red Gold PVD: 49 pieces
V.01 Titanium PVD: 99 pieces
V.01 Titanium: 99 pieces

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