TAG Heuer 150th Anniversary Grand CARRERA Calibre 17 RS2 Chronograph and MERIDIIST Limited Edition 1860-2010

To celebrate its first 150 years at the leading-edge of Swiss design, TAG Heuer has launched an ultra-exclusive gift box edition of its breakthrough Grand CARRERA Calibre 17 RS2 Chronograph, the first mechanical chronograph with double Rotating Systems, and the MERIDIIST, the world’s only Swiss-engineered communications instrument. The avant-garde chronograph and communication instrument, redesigned in a special black and orange limited edition, are audaciously housed in a handsome steamer-trunk coffret designed by Paris master craftsman Fred Pinel.

Two of the most advanced creations ever launched by TAG Heuer, enclosed within an artisanal masterpiece of timeless luxury, the TAG Heuer 150th Anniversary Limited Edition 1860-2010 is a “time capsule” tribute to the core values of the legendary Swiss house — unparalleled performance, precision, and luxury prestige. The celebratory edition is limited to 150 pieces — one for each year of TAG Heuer’s exceptional history.

A stunning fusion of avant-garde design and superlative craftsmanship, the Grand CARRERA 17 Calibre RS2 is equipped with a hallmark TAG Heuer innovation — the Calibre RS2 chronograph movement with double Rotating Systems. COSC-certified and oscillating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, the RS2 replaces traditional watch hands with rotating discs —— like those on the dashboard of a luxury sports car — enabling effortless, cockpit-fast readings of small seconds and chronograph time of an unparalleled exactitude. It represents nothing less than an entirely new way of reading time, and an engineering feat of the highest level.

The MERIDIIST is a premium communications instrument of matchless architecture and engineering pedigree. Hand-assembled, composed of more than 400 mechanical components, it features pioneering TAG Heuer innovations adapted from timekeeping to communications: a dual time display in non-scratch 60.5-carat sapphire crystal with a top-mounted OLED screen for discreet, at-a-glance reading; ultra-sensitive antenna twice as efficient as any other radio standard-compliant device; built-in loudspeaker with 100dB capacity at 5cm; and unrivalled battery life — 7 hours talk time and 28 days standby power.
Inspired by TAG Heuer’s longstanding partnerships with professional motors sports, the 150th anniversary edition Grand CARRERA Calibre 17 RS2 Chronograph is made of Grade 2 titanium, while the special MERIDIIST edition is made of racecar-standard 316L stainless steel. As further homage to TAG Heuer’s unrivalled motor-racing DNA, both have black titanium carbide coating — a first at TAG Heuer. The duo’s team colours are black and, on the dials, strap, hands and pushbuttons of the chronograph, and in special inserts on the communications instrument and its cover — a signature orange. The limited edition number is engraved on both.

The two exclusive devices are sumptuously presented in an elegant travelling trunk by Fred Pinel. Crafted in the time-honoured French artisanal tradition, Pinel’s multi-function case is a reinterpretation of two classic icons of luxury: on the outside, the 1930’s streamer trunk, with its top and side openings; and, inside, the secret drawers of a Louis XVI armoire.

Ultra-contemporary, yet evocative of a bygone era of luxury travel, the case is made of carefully selected premium materials and houses the latest in recharging technology — a mini USB connector for the MERIDIIST and a watch winder for the Grand CARRERA Calibre 17 RS2 Chronograph. Advanced design, engineering and materials, ultimate precision and unsurpassed reliability: The TAG Heuer 150th Anniversary Limited Edition 1860-2010 is a perfect expression of TAG Heuer’s unique heritage and expertise.

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