Thomas Prescher Qatarwatch

With this unique timepiece from the Tempusvivendi Collection, Thomas Prescher pays tribute to Qatar.

The Qatarwatch watch takes inspiration from the national emblem of this great Middle East country.

Thomas Prescher Qatarwatch

The coat of arms of Qatar (Arabic: شعار قطر‎) shows two crossed swords in a yellow circle. Between the swords there is a traditional sailing ship called dhow, sailing over the waves beside an island with two palm trees. The yellow circle is surrounded by a white and brown band, which is divided horizontally with a zigzag line.

Thomas Prescher Qatarwatch

One sword tip shows the minutes, while the other indicates the hours. With this retrograde system, after the swords reach the end of the index sector they jump back to the beginning to rise again.

After pushing the button in the crown the swords move to a resting position to show the original coat of arms in gold and noble colours. After a second push the swords move back to continue to show the actual time.


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