A. Lange & Söhne LANGE 1 -15th Anniversary Edition

Introduced in 1994, the multiple awards winning LANGE 1 family is a well sought after timepiece collection among watch connoisseurs, thanks to its elegant aesthetics, highly legible dial display featuring striking dial design and its patented outsize date and technical perfection. It embodies the skills and know-how of an entire watchmaking dynasty that was founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange almost 165 years ago. In 2009, the Saxon manufactory celebrates the 15th anniversary of this iconic watch collection.

The LANGE 1 features a balanced design that makes it a timeless classic. This is also the reason why the LANGE 1 remained unchanged for 15 years, and thus established its very own tradition. Now, the collection welcomes new 15th anniversary editions of the GRAND LANGE 1, the LANGE 1 MOONPHASE, the LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, and the LITTLE LANGE 1 “Soirée” models.


Featuring a polarising yet utterly balanced dial design, the LANGE 1 is the physical manifestation of a brave and remarkably successful foray into uncharted territory. With its innovative technical hallmarks such as the patented outsize date display and the twin mainspring barrels for a power reserve of three days, it proved to be a worthy successor of earlier masterpieces crafted by A. Lange & Söhne. Additionally, it embodied quality assets that by then had practically disappeared from the domain of mechanical watchmaking. The LANGE 1 single-handedly established a second home base for precision horology outside the Swiss Confederation.

It is a revered tradition at Lange to honour the last year of a century with a special timepiece. This was the case in 1900 when Lange presented the famous Centennial Tourbillon at the Paris Universal Exposition. The year 2000 was another opportunity for the eminent Saxon manufactory to demonstrate that even an exceptional instrument like the LANGE 1 can rise to the occasion with fresh panache. With a rotating cage that neutralises the influence of gravity on the balance wheel, the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON experienced a millennial launch that stirred the hearts of watch enthusiasts around the world.

A special moon rose above the Ore Mountains in 2002 when the LANGE 1 MOONPHASE was presented. It owes its horological charm to the exceptionally realistic display – continuously driven by the hour wheel – of the waxing and waning moon. And as befits a Lange watch, it takes its function very seriously: the moon phase display deviates from the actual progression of the earth’s satellite by only one day every 122 years.


Since 2005, the LITTLE LANGE 1 “Soirée” has been seducing a growing community of discerning women who know that intrinsic values matter – even in watches.



That is why the heart of the LANGE 1’s little sister, despite its case diameter of only 36 millimetres, is the same exclusive manufacture calibre that beats in the LANGE 1. The latest edition of this endearing feminine companion features a moon-phase display.

In 2003, the Saxon manufactory presented the GRAND LANGE 1 in response to LANGE 1 aficionados who had expressed the wish for a more stately presence of their favourite wristwatch. With a case diameter of nearly 42 millimetres and a noble monochrome dial design, the larger edition of the LANGE 1 features all of the typical hallmarks of Lange watchmaking artistry.


Specially for frequent travellers, the master watchmakers in Saxony presented an enhanced version of the LANGE 1 in 2005. Its key asset is a second time zone that can be adjusted very easily with a push piece. Additionally, it incorporates an ingenious mechanism that allows the owner to conveniently swap the home time display on the main dial with the zone time indicated on the auxiliary dial.


The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE was presented under the motto “Born in Saxony, at home in the world” during a globally co-ordinated event that embraced all time zones. The stunning model quickly conquered the hearts and wrists of numerous cosmopolitan watch lovers.


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