Jaermann & Stübi Severiano Ballesteros Limited Edition

The golf legend Severiano Ballesteros and Jaermann & Stübi have come up with something truly unique based on the company’s superbly crafted golf watch: a watch case forged from the golf clubs used by Seve Ballesteros to win the Chunichi Crowns Open in 1991. With the series limited to 50 pieces, each watch case can be traced back to an iron that Seve played with, which makes this exclusive watch even more special.

The Chunichi Crowns Open forms part of the Japan Golf Tour and was won by Seve Ballesteros in 1991 in 275 strokes (five under par). The 1 to 9 irons he used on that occasion together with the Pitching Wedge and the Sand Wedge have been transformed into 50 watch cases for the “Seve Ballesteros” limited series. The method used to achieve this was developed in an intricate, multi-stage process in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen University and Dr. Bergfeld Schmiedetechnik in Solingen(Germany) – well know area for cutlery and precision instruments.

The first step was to analyse the heads of the clubs in order to obtain an alloy that would meet the requirements of a watch case while enabling a cavity-free casting. After extensive tests, the team succeeded in portioning and melting down the various clubs so that each golf club yielded a casting. These castings were then forged into watch cases at a temperature of around 1200 °C. This method makes it possible to trace back each watch to one of the irons that Severiano Ballesteros used to win the Chunichi Crowns in 1991. This means that each owner of a “Seve Ballesteros” can take a specific iron with them on their round of golf.

Like all the models produced by Jaermann & Stübi, the “Seve Ballesteros” features both an automatic movement and a patented, mechanical golf counter complication. This allows a player to count the strokes per hole, add up the score and compare this to their handicap after completing the round of golf. The watch face, the bezel and the entire packaging have been rendered in dark blue, Seve Ballesteros’ favourite colour. Each watch has been individually numbered and the golf club used for each case has been engraved on the back. In addition, a certificate signed by Seve Ballesteros confirms that the clubs used in each case were genuine. The “Seve Ballesteros” model will be available from the beginning of November in selected specialist watch and jewellery outlets at a price of 21,500 Swiss francs.

Severiano Ballesteros

Severiano Ballesteros is probably the most talented golfer of all time and the player with the greatest charisma and the greatest passion. He won five major tournaments and more than 80 internationally and was the primary force in the comeback of the European Ryder Cup team.

He is also the golfer for whom there are no impossible shots, not with trees, bushes, neither from the rough or a parking lot. Before his terrific victory at the British Open in 1988, “Golf World” published an article about Seve Ballesteros and how he had played the last six holes in Royal Lytham St. Anne in 1979 at his first Open victory. There was the conventional route and “the Seve Way”, a definition of his specific personal style.

The way he played the 16th hole was unforgettable, using a driver instead of a conventional iron on the shortest possible path. The ball landed in a parking lot from where Seve placed it on the green with such skill that he shot a birdie. Emotions and a brilliant, short game were his best allies on the golf course. His magical shots were the result of years of practice.

He started as a boy on the beaches of Pedreña, where he hit stones with a home-made 3 iron. In his best days there was no one better at achieving low stroke counts in play. This is how he won the Harry Vardon Trophy six times for the lowest average score on the European PGA Tour.

Perhaps the greatest legacy of Seve Ballesteros is that he elevated European golf to the world stage, leaving his mark on the European Ryder Cup team, encouraging the players and making the team competitive. Together with Seve, the Europeans won the Cup for the first time on American soil in 1987. Seve’s intrepidness and fighting spirit made him one of the greatest match play golfers of all time.


Professional Majors:
Masters Tournament: 1980, 1983
Open Championship: 1979, 1984, 1988

1978: Greater Greensboro Open
1983: Westchester Classic
1985: USF
1988: Westchester Classic

PGA European Tour: 45
1976: Dutch Open
1977: French Open, Uniroyal International, Swiss Open
1978: Martini International, German Open, Scandinavian Open,
Swiss Open
1979: English Golf Classic
1980: Madrid Open, Martini International, Dutch Open
1981: Scandinavian Open, Spanish Open
1982: Madrid Open, French Open
1983: Sun Alliance PGA Championship, Irish Open, Lancôme Trophy
1985: Irish Open, French Open, Sanyo Open, Spanish Open
1986: Dunhill British Masters, Irish Open, Monte Carlo Open, French Open, Dutch Open, Lancôme Trophy
1987: Suze Open
1988: Mallorca Open De Baleares, Scandinavian Open, German Open, Lancôme Trophy
1989: Madrid Open, Epson Grand Prix, Ebel European Masters- Swiss Open
1990: Open De Baleares
1991: Volvo PGA Championship, Dunhill British Masters
1992: Dubai Desert Classic, Turespana Open De Baleares
1994: Benson
1995: Spanish Open

Other Wins: 16
1977: Japanese Open, Dunlop Phoenix Open (Japan), Otago Classic (New Zealand)
1978: Kenya Open, Japanese Open
1981: Australian PGA Championship, Dunlop Phoenix (Japan)
1984: Million Dollar Challenge (South Africa)
1985: Million Dollar Challenge (South Africa)
1988: Taiheiyo Masters (Japan)
1991: Chunichi Crowns Open (Japan).
1981: World Match Play Championship
1982: World Match Play Championship
1984: World Match Play Championship
1985: World Match Play Championship
1991: World Match Play Championship

Other Accomplishments:
Played on eight Ryder Cup teams, winning 22 and a half points from his 37 matches. Was the winning captain of the 1997 Ryder Cup team. Won the European Tour Order of Merit in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1986,1988 and 1991. Won the Johnnie Walker Golfer of the Year in 1986, 1988 and 1991.

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