Vincent Bérard LUVORENE 2 and Talismane (“Fuseau de l’Infini” Collection)

The Vincent Bérard SA workshop is enriching its “Fuseau de l’Infini” collection with the addition of two creations from the high art of watchmaking: the “LUVORENE 2” and “Talismane” ranges. These new works of art – expressions of symbolism and poetry as well as of artisanal and artistic expertise – both continue and complement the earlier creations by the artist and watchmaker Vincent Bérard.


“LUVORENE”: an unusual yet charming name, an anagram of “Révolune” thought up by Vincent Bérard, a combination of the French words “rêve”, “lune” and “révolution” –dream, moon, and revolution.

The «LUVORENE I» is a wristwatch version of Vincent Bérard’s “Quatre Saisons” carriage clocks: exclusively hand-made unique pieces by the artistic watchmaker from La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The atypical form of the casing which has been assumed is a particular feature: round, domed, with the bulge on the side – a form modelled on a section of a column belonging to Strasbourg Cathedral. Inspired by the spirit of medieval master builders Vincent Bérard, the “Companion of time”, has integrated the aesthetic and symbolic element of the spindle or the mandorla, which give the collection its name: “Fuseau de l’Infini” (Spindle of Infinity).

This elongated, sensual form, repeated infinitely between the straight line and the circle, is repeated in the hollow hands, the indexes, the crown, the bars and the bridges of the mechanism.

The new “LUVORENE 2” range is presented in a wider, 45 mm casing, and with transparent-sapphire blue faces which reveal the exquisiteness of the mechanism and of the “mysterious” balance, arranged offset at 3 o’clock. The unique aesthetics of the exclusive VB 441 mechanism by Vincent Bérard with its plate and spindle-shaped bridges, arranged in five stages, manually adorned, are revealed when you open the lid of the transparent bottom of the casing.

To celebrate the official opening of the new workshop, the new “LUVORENE 2” range comprises three models in white and red gold and a unique piece made from platinum.


“Talismane” is a timepiece and lucky charm in one: it is a strapless, chainless watch which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and which pops into any pocket. The select, exclusive collection continues the aesthetics of the “Fuseau de l’Infini” collection in a 45 mm platinum design with a limited edition of eight pieces.

The “Four Seasons” topic is repeated here too, namely in a unique collection of individual pieces 42 mm in size, richly adorned by hand, representing Spring (greenish-gold), Summer (yellow gold), Autumn (red gold) and Winter (white gold) (see accompanying description).

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