BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph Limited Edition

The BALL Engineer hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph is an appropriate tribute to world,s deepest diving submersible. An Exceptional timepiece in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, the Trieste Chronograph sets a new standard in the most rugged BALL collection.

In conjunction with US navy engineers, the designers and the crew of Bathyscaph Trieste explored the bottom of Marianas Trench. At nearly 36,000 feet below the sea, the extreme depths of the Marianas Trench dwarf even Mount Everest, which is just over 29,000 feet. Retired a mere 3 years after the record-breaking dive to the deepest point on earth, the Trieste remains the only manned vehicle to ever reach the bottom of the earth.

The Engineer hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph adds to the stellar specifications of the Engineer hydrocarbon Collection. An automatic helium release valve allows gases to escape as the watch resurfaces from the crushing pressure of the depths. Water resistance is increased to 600 meters while the BALL patented crown protection system and screwed down chronograph pushers provide added security. The chronograph functions are fully operable down to 600 meters.

The rugged 43 mm case is composed of Titanium and stainless steel to achieve perfect balance on the wrists, while the massive diver’s clasp allows for easy adjustment of length to be worn over a parka or wet suit. The Mission badge from the Trieste dive adorns the dial and its motto”Pensate Profunde” Reminds us to “Think deeply.

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