Founded 1924 in Karlsruhe / Baden, Schäuble & Söhne manufacture timeless mechanical wristwatches, all showing characteristics of traditional handicraft. The watch-cases, dials and movements are mainly produced in Baden. The dials are usually individually hand printed, the hand-winding movements are crafted and elaborately refined in company’s own workshop.

The three owners of the company manage the different functions in personal. Gunther Schäuble himself creates every model. The primary responsibility for the product design holds Marc Junghans – descendant of the Junghans watch factory’s founder. Marcus Hinkel attends to sales and distribution.

The company develops exclusive small series in limited editions: Timepieces for watch-enthusiasts that can be individually modified on demand. Schäuble & Söhne rely on service-orientated direct selling as well as vending in selected showrooms. That is why they can focus on the essential: inimitable mechanical watches with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The third generation of Schäuble & Sons are working on the development of exclusive men‘s accessories. In 1924 Carl Schäuble founded his business selling bespoke merchandise for men. Word of his high quality soon spread requiring Schäuble & Sons to expand his business in 1930.

After their workshop got destroyed during WWII, Carl Schäuble and his son Ludwig continued business, first out of a hawker‘s tray, later out of new premises in the heart of Karlsruhe. Grandson Gunther inherited the passion for timepieces from his grandfather Carl. The collection, modification and sale of watches successfully financed Gunther’s academic career, but the fascination and thrill surrounding himself with precious watches never lost its grip on him.

It was years later at an auction of a rare chronographs when the acquaintance with Marc Junghans, a descendant of the legendary watchmaker family, triggered the revival of a family tradition. In 2006 Gunther and Marc joined forces with Marcus Hinkel, an early school days friend of Marc and they incorporated Schäuble & Sons Manufakturwaren GmbH building on the legacy of bespoke mechanical watches out Karlsruhe, Baden in Germany.

Marcus Hinkel: Marketing and sales

Marcus Hinkel is hopelessly addicted to exclusive watches, even though he was not born into a family with a watch background. He does not hesitate to provide the financial basis and to support the enterprise with his 15 years experience as CEO in a renowned advertising agency.

Gunther Schäuble: CEO, Product development, Public relations

The specialist in watches inherited his passion for timepieces from his grandfather Carl, who founded Schäuble und Söhne in 1924. Schäuble & Söhne benefits from his extensive knowledge of wristwatches, watchmaking and the development of exclusive watches as well as from his useful contacts with handicrafts men in Baden or international.

Marc Junghans: Product design

The Creative Director is a descendant of Erhard Junghans, founder of the famous Junghans watch factory. No wonder his passion for mechanical masterpieces exceeds normal dimensions. The enthusiastic watch collector possesses the experience, the sharp eye and the steady hand that is irreplaceable for the product design of the Schäuble & Söhne watch collection collectors.

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