Rainer Nienaber Retrograde Complications

Despite his love for the traditional ways of indicating time Nienaber doesn’t hesitate to experience unusual time indications: first a watch with retrograde hour-hand and then the “RetroLator“, an unusual combination of retrograde minute-hand and exact jumping hour-hand. Nienaber has even realised a retrograde seconds-hand.

After completing his retrograde trio with watches that display either the hours, minutes or seconds in this manner, it seemed like a no-brainier to Nienaber to make a timepiece to include three retrograde hands. The result – the Tri-retrograde – is exceptional in the world of horology.

Retrograde hour indication “the classical”

Jumping retrograde hour hand, minute hand in the middle and small second hand at 6 o’clock. The dial is decorated with a classical pattern of lozenges and rectangles.

Retrograde minute indication “RetroLator the unique”

Unique complication with small second, retrograde minute hand and jumping hour hand. Each hand has its own dial in the precious milled ondulating pattern. Case with 2 sapphire glasses.

Retrograde second indication “the beautiful”

Wonderful time indication with retrograde second hand. The hour and minute hands are placed 4 mm above the middle of the dial to have enough space underneath for the retrograde second-hand that moves over its own scale and jumps back every 60 seconds. The manual-wound movement for the complications is a AS 1130 with a fine finish. Milled patterns produce an exciting light and shadow effect that gives a disconcerting three-dimensional character to the dials.

Thanks to the harmonious division of the preciously worked dials each glance at these watches becomes a joyful event. For the complications „retrograde hour“ ,„RetroLator“ and retrograde second cases of 750 gold were made. The back cover is fastened with 4 screws, the strap holders are likewise screw fastened. The strap older is 22 mm wide.

These cases have a diameter of 43 mm and are 10.5 mm high. Both the watch-glass and the glass bottom are made of sapphire crystal, the watch-glass is lumenized twice. At the customer’s request the strap holders or also the crystal edge can be set in brilliants.

Retro-2 “The Unusual”
A very unusual timepiece in which the hours and minutes hands display the current time in retrograde fashion. At six o’clock, the hours hand jumps back to the start of its dial and the minutes hand jumps back to the half-hour. On the hour and at 12 o’clock, therefore, both hands are vertical. The elaborately engraved dial creates an exciting dance of light and shadows. The titanium hands are heat-coloured to match the case.

The well fashioned ETA automatic movement ensures reliable operation of this complication. The unusual feature: for technical reasons, the minutes hand is located below the hours hand. The watch has screwed pins and the tried and tested KINGSIZE case has two sapphire crystals.

TRI-retrograde “the Royal”
A perfect royal time indication with three retrograde hands: hour and minute hands in the middle of the dial, a small seconds hand at “6”. The minute hand runs over a 220° segment in 60 minutes, meanwhile the hour hand moves within 12 hours over a scale of 180°. The small seconds hand has its own scale. The mechanic is built in such way that the hands are in a vertical position when full hour (at 12 or 24 hours) or full minute just as you are used with normal three-hand-watches. The titan hands are coloured by heating and weigh together less than 0,3 grams.

The case has two sapphire glasses, the one over the dial is non-reflecting. Its diameter is 44 mm, its height 13 mm, and it is available in steel, steel/gold or 750 gold. The steel case is coated with a TiCN (titan carbon nitrite) layer. This coating has a surface hardness of 3.500 HV. It gives the watch an interesting dark shade and protects the case efficiently against scratching. In the steel/gold version bottom and bezel are in 750 gold. The movement for the gold watch has an elaborate ¾ board.

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