Cuervo y Sobrinos opens its first flagship store in Havana, Cuba

Cuervo y Sobrinos, the luxury Swiss watch company with Cuban roots inaugurated last July a museum boutique in the historical down-town of Havana, there where the brand was created at the end of the 19th century. This event was one without precedent since Cuervo y Sobrinos is the first international brand to inaugurate its own store on the Island of Cuba.

This space, called “El reloj Cuervo y Sobrinos” (the watch Cuervo y Sobrinos) is located in a 19th century historical building in the center of the Muralla street, opposite the original headquarters of the company. There is also a museum with antique watches in this sales point, and an elegant bar, taking you back in time to the Havana of the 1940s.

The original safe of Cuervo y Sobrinos, which stood in the former store on San Rafael Street, is now displayed in this refined art deco space and fits in perfectly. Each detail of the decoration and exhibition is a tribute to the heritage of the unique history starting more than a century ago

The Cuervo y Sobrinos Company has created, exclusively for the boutique in Havana and the Cuban market, a limited series of the Torpedo model with a quartz movement and a dial in brown or blue. On the bottom of the watch case you can gleam the engraving « Special series for the Island of Cuba ».

The importance of the inauguration of the boutique was emphasized by the presence of Marzio Villa, President of Cuervo y Sobrinos and many political and cultural representatives of the island, together with the Ambassadors of Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.

The watch brand « Cuervo y Sobrinos » is invaluable for Havana as it bears evidence to its prestigious past and its fascinating history. For this reason, the Swiss company has always benefited from the precious assistance of the Cuban authorities, especially Eusebio Leal, historian and responsible for the reconstruction of the historic down-town of Havana.

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