SINN Diving Watch Collection : Models UX (EZM 2B), UX GSG 9 (EZM 2B), UX SDR and UX SDR GSG 9

Developed to withstand extreme situations in which absolute precision and reliability are crucial. A UX unites the most innovative technologies with the most resistant materials. Typical diving watches by SINN.

  • Tested based on European diving equipment standards and certified by Germanischer Lloyd, Hamburg
  • Pressure resistance of the movement to 5,000 m and of the case to 12,000 m diving depth has been tested and certified
  • Reflection-free under water thanks to HYDRO technology, readable from any angle and completely free from fogging
  • Completely seawater-resistant to German submarine steel
  • Captive diver’s bezel with TEGIMENT technology
  • Sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Temperature-stabilized chronometer quartz movement, functions reliably at temperatures between –20 °C and +60 °C

Model Variations

  1. UX (EZM 2B): Crown at right at 4 o’clock
  2. UX GSG 9 (EZM 2B): Crown at left at 10 o’clock. Official service watch of the GSG 9 Maritime Unit
  3. UX SDR, UX SDR GSG 9: Diver’s bezel with TEGIMENT technology and black hard coating

Germanischer Lloyd confirms and certifies the pressure resistance of Sinn UX to a diving depth of 5,000 (or 12,000) meters as well as temperature resistance and function based on EN 250 and EN 14143, the European standards for diving equipment.

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