SINN Diving Watch Collection : Models U2, U2 S and U2 SDR (EZM 5)

The mission timer made of German submarine steel.Built to ensure absolute reliability even at the greatest depths. The U2 series takes all the familiar advantages of the SINN diving watches to an entirely new level. Reliable at depths up to 2,000 meters. Equipped with a second time zone. Functions reliably at temperatures between –45 and +80 °C. Confirmed and certified.

Model Variations

  1. U2: Diver’s bezel with TEGIMENT technology
  2. U2 S: Case, crown and solid bracelet with black hard coating and TEGIMENT technology
  3. U2 SDR: Diver’s bezel with TEGIMENT technology and black hard coating

Germanischer Lloyd confirms and certifies the pressure resistance of Sinn U2 to a diving depth of 1,000 meters as well as temperature resistance and function based on EN 250 and EN 14143, the European standards for diving equipment.

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