Bexei Primus Tourbillon Watch by Aaron Becsei

At Basel world 2008, Independent watch maker & AHCI member Aaron Becsei launched PRIMUS, the first BEXEI tourbillon wrist watch with an extremely complicated and unique movement.

The first sketches of Primus were made on the 1st quarter of 2006. He knew that he wanted to build and tri-axial tourbillon table clock with not using ball bearings at all. Also Aaaron wanted to create a unique wrist watch under his name. So he decided to make this two dreams happen in one timepiece. It was a crazy idea and almost no chance to implement this system at that size. He had all the plans about the system in his mind, so in 2006 he started to make the design and put together the plans to create this exceptional wristwatch.
Aaron spent almost half a year with the development only. He had to take into consideration the fact that this should be a size of a wrist watch and should work not on the papers only.The most challenging was to have this complex system operable at this miniature size. It took more than 1 year to get the system alive and it was a real present when the escapement started to work on 2007 Christmas Eve. After this all the parts had to be finished at the highest level and we are talking about these extremely small sizes you almost cannot imagine.Actually Aaron personally made all the parts from the case to the last screw. Except that the glass and the engraving were made by some of his friend-colleagues.

As you may know the tri axial solution is the best in order to avoid the bad effects of the gravity to the balance wheel. In a watch with a simple tourbillion system you leave the watch for 8-12 hours by night at the same position then when you wear it takes several different positions. That is why the adjustment is very problematic. With this triple axis system the balance wheel takes 3750 different positions in every 12,5 minutes day and night. His dream came true creating a unique Bexei timepiece; something what has a special and rare complication and is made with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Technical details
18K white gold case
Case width: 38mm
Case height (diameter): 46mm
Case depth: 17,9mm

Mechanical movement
Wind up indicator
Hour/minute/second indication
Tri-axial tourbillon with jewel bearings
Weight of the tourbillon system: 1,5 gr.
1st (inner) tourbillon cage turns around in: 0,5 min.
2nd (middle) tourbillon cage turns around in: 2,5 min.
3rd (outer) tourbillon cage turns around in: 12,5 min.
The balance wheel takes 3750 different positions in 12,5 min.
Power reserve: 40 hours

Hand engraved dial-base
Gold applied dials
Gold wheels
Diamond end-stones

Band width: 22mm
18K white gold buckle

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