D. Dornblueth & Sohn Sails Set – Special Edition for the old sail training ship of the German Navy, the Gorch Fock I

With a limited special series of watches, the manufacture D. Dornblueth & Sohn is creating wind for the sails of the old sail training ship of the German Navy, the Gorch Fock I.

For this year’s 75th birthday of the Gorch Fock I, Dirk Dornblueth handed over her repaired ship’s chronometer to Mr Wulf Marquard, chairperson of the non-profit organization Tall-Ship Friends, on 27th June at the port of Stralsund. Dirk Dornblueth also presented one of the timepieces of his special edition for the support of the ship’s restoration.

This edition was exclusively designed for the Gorch Fock and unites all the characteristic features of a traditional ship’s chronometer:-

  • Wristwatch mounted on perfectly functioning gimbals
  • Large eccentric seconds display at “6” and power reserve indicator at “12”
  • Engraved matt silver dial with black imprint
  • Square hand collet
  • Milled bezel with concave transition to dial
  • Continuous serial number engraved on movement, case, dial and mahogany box

By means of a specially developed mechanism, on which a patent has already been applied for, the watch can be taken out of the gimbals and be worn on the wrist.

Both the dial and the movement were fashioned in the old watchmaker tradition, the movement including a grainy yellow gold plated three-quarter plate. Apart from all the features typical for a Dornblueth movement, like swan neck fine adjustment, hand engraved balance cock, manufactory name and serial number, the watch also houses a seconds stop device. The durable leather strap is fastened to the case with two screwed pins and was developed according to own designs in cooperation with regional companies.
With the sale of each of the 75 timepieces, the Dornblueth team supports the extensive restorations of the sail training ship and thus participates in realizing the dream of Gorch Fock I sailing on the high seas again.

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