Sinn Model 142 St II :The Space Chronograph

Model 142 by Sinn was the first automatic chronograph in space – and proved its reliability even in the weightless environment of a space ship. During the 1985 D1 mission, physicist, astronaut and professor Dr. Reinhard Furrer demonstrated with model 142 that an automatic watch functions even in a weightless environment.

The limited anniversary edition of 2005 was followed by a new design. Model 142 St II captivates its wearers with the symmetrical dial display featuring a central 60-minute stopwatch at the center, and permits an unimpeded view of the movement as standard for the first time.The exquisitely decorated movement is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case back.

Technical details
– Central 60-minute stopwatch
– Interior pilot’s bezel
– Resistant to low pressure at high altitudes
– Pressure-resistant to 10 bar (= 100 m water depth)
– Sapphire crystal glass is anti-reflective on both sides
– Exquisitely decorated movement

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