Blancpain Ladies’ Perpetual Calendar Calibre 5621 – The World’s Thinnest Perpetual Calendar (2005)

The creation of a complicated women’s watch presents a peculiar challenge. Virtually all wristwatch complications were conceived and the traditional design approaches developed in the setting of pocket watches. Many collectors today take for granted the enormous barriers confronted and crossed by master watchmakers who have taken complications imagined in the relatively large scale of a pocket watch and transformed them to exist in the diminutive space of a wristwatch. Imagine then the new difficulties of going even further down the scale of miniaturization to adapt complicated movements to the further reduced size of a women’s watch.

For most of the industry, the solution to this problem is avoidance and denial, resulting in feminine watch lines virtually devoid of interesting complications. Blancpain takes a different view. Watch complications bring fascination, pleasure and practicality to a timepiece. Why should women be left out of the picture?

Calibre 5621 is a case in point. The perpetual calendar is perhaps the most useful of all complications. Collectors the world over aspire to owning such a calendar that always shows the correct date, precisely accounting for the vexing differences in the length of months, including leap years, introduced by Julius Caesar and modified by Pope Gregory XIII for our modern calendar.

Blancpain’s master watchmakers have taken this most practical of complications and brought it into the world of ladies’ watch dimensions. In so doing they have not only righted an industry tendency to deprive women of a core complication, but they have also achieved a world record in the process: the world’s thinnest perpetual calendar watch.

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