Founded in 1996 by Madame Giselle Rufer, DELANCE creates and markets top of the line Swiss watches specifically designed for today’s active women. The hallmark of DELANCE Swiss watches is their aesthetic and symbolic personalization.

Since its inception, DELANCE has taken its primary objective very seriously, encouraging women to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential.

In order to accompany her along this path, DELANCE founder and designer, Mrs. Giselle Rufer, has created a timepiece symbolizing the life and dreams of today’s active woman. Distinctive, always the same, yet different for each woman, this magical time piece discretely reflects the personal story of the woman who wears it.

Its diamond shape, the universal symbol of life, is encircled by the infinity loop that links the north to the south, the masculine to the feminine, creating life eternally. Inspired by this symbolism, Giselle Rufer designed a series of watches with themes dear to a woman’s heart and to the man who loves her.

The first personalized watch, this exceptional piece of technology has, up until today, expressed events of importance which took place in the past, such as the birth of a woman’s children, special dates and memories.

Special Features

The form: Bold and sensual, generous and discreet, soft and strong, classic and contemporary, the DELANCE is a TALISWOMAN, a unique watch that symbolises the universal story of women.

The symbolism: With its soft lines and delicate curves, the DELANCE subtly symbolizes the values that women hold dear. The diamond shape is the universal symbol of life. The spiral at the zenith represents water, the moon, the feminine. The stone at the nadir represents fire, the sun, the masculine. The resulting sign of infinity binds the masculine and feminine together in universal harmony.

The excellence: A timepiece par excellence created by women, the DELANCE is a sign of their many talents. Only the finest materials, the best parts, and the most talented craftswomen have been chosen to realize this small and so divinely feminine masterpiece.

The interchangeability: A DELANCE is recognisable at first glance. It comes in two basic sizes and two types of materials, either 18K gold or steel. Add to that a choice of 20 dials, 20 interchangeable cabochons, a multitude of bracelets, and a large choice of precious set stones and the combinations are endless. The cabochons and bracelets can be interchanged at the flick of a finger.

The customization: The speciality of DELANCE is to make each watch a unique piece that tells the story of each woman who wears it. By engraving the case, by setting precious stones evoking special moments, each woman can create her own DELANCE. Each man can also create one for the woman of his life, to offer her a unique timepiece that will transmit his message of love and recognition. The online configurator on the website also helps the customer to design the timepiece of his/her choice.

DELANCE watches are 100% manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with specifications for the top of the range of fine time pieces.

Contact details

201, Route Principale
CH-2532 Magglingen/Macolin
Official website:

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