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Wilhelm Rieber is a German master watch maker who is specialized in creation of exclusive Tourbillon watches.

It is of Abraham-Louis Breguet that he packed two hundred years of clocking into barely fifty years. Experts regard him as the most eminent clockmaker of all time. His list of customers is an expedition through world history; Napoleon, Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Kings, dukes and peers.

His pocket watch with the automatic wider caused a sensation. Also the watches with hands that can be touched within the bark or read by the blind go back to Breguet. The greatest of his inventions was the Tourbillon, which releases time from the influence of gravity. This mechanism has the lever wheel, the lever and the balance wheel in a mobile structure mounted on the pinion of the fourth wheel.

The filigree case rotates once a minute on its axle allowing for adjustments to any deviations of position or centre of gravity. While the high degree of accuracy can be achieved by other means nowadays, to this day the Tourbillon is more than just an exclusive mechanism. It is one of the greatest of all complications so is a feature of watches of remarkably high value.

One hundred and eighty years after Breguet, a dedicated watchmaker in the Swabian Mountains, Wilhelm Rieber, now ranks alongside him. A major project undertaken by is Wilhelm Rieber a limited series of 12 Maybach Tourbillons-homage to the genius of master watchmakers. The first specimen was handed over to Maybach manufacturers in April 2008.

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