Anderesen Geneve Grande Jour et Nuit, Edition 2006

The «Grande Jour et Nuit» is a watch – as its French name suggests – indicating at once the day and night hours. The renewal of this model introduced in April 2000 allows to satisfy a growing demand for exceptional watches which incorporate at the same time Genevese horological technologies, an innovative design and a new way of reading time.

Anderesen Geneve Grande Jour et Nuit, Edition 2006

In the 2006 edition of Grande Jour et Nuit, various technical and aesthetic choices facilitate the unique reading of the daytime hours (0600 to 1800) and night-time hours (1800 to 0600); the hour hand points to the day with its longer end and the night with its short end. It jumps to the following hour when the minute hand has performed a full tour of the dial.

On the blue gold dial with «tapisserie» pattern, are printed very readable the day hours (6 – 18) and night hours (18 – 6) as well as the small dial for the minutes. The big 24-hour-hand indicates with its long end the day, with ist short end the night. It jumps to the next hour when the small hand passes 60’’.

Anderesen Geneve Grande Jour et Nuit, Edition 2006 caseback view

Technical details

Model: Grande Jour et Nuit

Hand-wound, Piguet 15″
Complication A 573

Hours, minutes

750 (18K) red or white gold
44 m in diameter, 7.5 mm thick
Sapphire crystal and back

22K blue gold, tapisserie base
Transferred Arabic numerals
Minute dial at 6 o’clock

Hand-sewn crocodile leather, pin buckle


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