Quinting Mysterious Chronograph

First model of the brand Quinting, the Chronograph Quinting is a sport model, with modernity and a unique elegance, due to its infinite transparency. The case with a width of 43, 8 mm and a thickness of 14mm gives to the Chronograph a robustness solid as a rock. Made in stainless steel, or in yellow, pink or white gold 18kt, the Chronograph is presented either with a crocodile leather bracelet or with a steel bracelet.

Quinting Mysterious Chronograph

The chronograph Quinting can be a pure men model in its traditional version in rough steel, the dials could varied with a tonality of 6 colours (black, steel, white, blue, chocolate and red). But it can also become a very feminine piece thanks to the setting of diamonds and to the variation of colours of the dial and the bracelet.

Quinting Mysterious Chronograph

Rough strength of the mater or feminine watch, the Chronograph Quinting is a timeless piece, because of its transparency which gives to it a unique and incomparable place among all the great complication watches.

Quinting Mysterious Chronograph

The mysterious Chronograph Quinting is composed of the first and unique sapphire movement in the world, created and patented by Quinting. With the exception of 7 pieces, included the hands, the 256 components of the Chronograph are exclusively made on measure. This model is composed of 11 sapphires layers, 5 are stationary and 6 are mobile to assure the movement of the hands.

Quinting Mysterious Chronograph

Each Chronograph is unique and has engraved an individual number on the back of the case. The Chronograph is waterproof until 50 meters of depth.

The watch is composed of metalized sapphires and has an anti-reflection treatment. The case back and the movement are engraved with an individual serial number. The unique transparent movement is patented.

Technical details

Total Height: 14,00 mm
Total Diameter: 43,80 mm
Water resistant: 50 meters (5 ATM)

Diameter: 39,00 mm
Total Height: 8,60 mm
Number of sapphire layers: 11 perfectly parallel sapphire discs
Warranty: 2 years
Adjustment: +0.10 – 0.60 sec/j.

Hours, Minutes, Date with indication am / pm
The chronograph has 3 little dials with seconds, minutes and hours.
Seconds at 12 o’clock
Minutes at 6 o’clock
Hours at 9 o’clock

Alligator strap with Quinting buckle

Stainless steel, yellow gold, pink gold or white gold
Precious metal bracelet (stainless steel, yellow gold, pink gold, white gold)
Dial with or without diamond setting
Bezel with or without diamond settings
Other precious metals and stones can be used on request. Some special engravings can be made on moving and stationary sapphires.

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