BLANCIER is a watch brand established by Willem Kamerman.

Watch enthusiast Willem Kamerman met master watchmaker Till Lottermann a number of years ago at a seminar in Germany, and was extremely impressed by his craftsmanship and his passion for watches. Soon afterwards, the idea was conceived to produce handmade mechanical watches available to a wider market by means of the internet. The collaboration with Lottermann & Söhne was also arranged quickly. Blancier: a unique concept of affordable mechanical watches.

Customers can create their own mechanical watch using virtual workshop by visiting BLANCIER website, a playground for devotees of mechanical watches. Once the watch has been designed, ordering it is a piece of cake. Skilled craftsmen at the German watchmakers company Lottermann & Söhne will assemble the timepiece and arrange for it to be delivered to the customers.

BLANCIER also produces some special edition watches.

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