U K Based Nite International designs, manufactures and distributes a unique range of sports watches that appeal to the serious adventurer, sports enthusiasts and military personnel. By combining advanced features and precision engineering, Nite have created a highly desirable range of watches that appeal to individuals who appreciate the difference style, precision and performance can make to their lifestyle and their chosen sport.

Function defines form it’s an old adage but it’s true – and all Nite watches are engineered to deliver unsurpassed performance in some of the most demanding environments on earth – so perhaps it’s not surprising that the world wide best selling Nite watch, the MX10, was issued a NATO (stock number: 6645-99-133-5227) and authorised for use by UK Special Forces. All watches in the Nite range share this military aesthetic to varying degrees and all share a number of key sales features that that ensure Nite watches stand out from the competition for all the right reasons.

Every detail is considered, modified and improved. Every component performs a very specific function – the precision of Swiss movements, the clarity afforded by the sapphire crystals, the protection of the high grade solid stainless steel cases and the reassurance of double over-locking straps – every component is designed and sourced from the very best in the world. The unique feature of a Nite watch is GTLS illumination, which provides instant reading of time at all light levels and in the very worst conditions.

Found in advanced military hardware and pioneering safety equipment, Nite International utilises GTLS illumination technology in every model in its range of advanced sports watches. Each minute glass tube is internally coated with a layer of super fine phosphorous before being injected with gaseous tritium and laser sealed. Each lamp is then hand set into the watch face and hands to provide a guaranteed light source that is up to 100 times brighter than standard markers.

Nite watches are sold throughout the world by distributors who appreciate the value of their unique market position, key sales features and generous dealer margins.

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