HD3 Complication Rapture 2

The Raptor Tourbillon, designed by Fabrice Gonet is an exceptional piece, a subtle blend of fine watch making and avant-garde technology. With Gentle pressure on its two push buttons, the upper case disarms and opens slightly to reveal the digital movement. Created especially for fine watchmaking connoisseurs, this model was exhibited for the first time in Geneva in 2005.

It opens up new horizons for watch making in the 21ist century. With production limited to 33 pieces per version, only exclusive elite was able to acquires one of these timepieces, which will later undoubtedly be seen at auctions reserved for the great collectors around the world. After such a success it was logical for HD3 complication to decide to create the Raptor Chronograph, taking once again the same design features of this unusual time pieces.

Made for demanding and sports oriented customers, this new watch naturally retains all the aesthetic subtlety that made the model famous. The movements developed by hd3 complication is am automatic mechanical chronograph with hours/minutes/small seconds hands, a 60 seconds chrono and counters for 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Of particular interest with this calibre is the special regatta 15 minutes countdown function on a disk, which most aesthetically recalls the world of racing of yachting regattas. This nautical reference is also reflected in the shape of hands on the counters, inspired by marine turbines. In the endless quest for beauty, the components of the movement are made visible through the open work design, and the upper bridge which holds the regatta disk, is charmed by hand in the best traditions of the fine watch making.

The dual material case gives an aura of lightness to the piece, and also numerous options for the finish. With its ergonomic design, this robust sports model fits perfectly on the wrist and reflects the harmony to be found in the world of sports especially racing. The uniquely shaped hands are tipped with red luminova, making them visible at night.

In an aesthetic allusion to yachting regattas the HD3 complication logo has a unique cut out design suggesting lightness. The same approach was adopted for the minutes and hours hands, something connoisseurs appreciate. The rubber strap matches the style of the watch perfectly, it is also ideally suited to the sports world positioning of this model.



Regatta automatic mechanical chronograph movement in Titanium
Counters with two push buttons, in the 2’o clock (stop-start) and 4’o clock (back to zero) positions
Lighnes: 13 1/4″
Frequency 28,800A/h
Jewels: 27 rubies
Frame diameter: 30mm

Water resistant: 50m

Available versions
Rose gold, Rose gold titanium /white gold titanium, Rose gold black titanium/white gold black titanium.

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