HD3 Complication: Capture-2 by Valerie Uresnbacher

When Valerie Uresnbacher designed Capture in 2005 she drew her inspiration principally from the world of vintage and modern automobiles. Capture 2 is HD3 complication’s new model. The aesthetics of the design are quite different, but the spirit of the watch remains unchanged.

Valerie has created a timepiece, which is both technical and masculine character, by choosing a prestigious chronograph tourbillon movement which suits this new model perfectly. Only 11 pieces per version are available.

By using sapphire glass she made the tourbillon visible in the watch face to show off its beauty, and installed the seconds minutes counters above the glass with the power reserve indicator below, so as to give more depth to the dial. The power reserve hand is placed beneath the bridge of the chronograph, thus leaving sufficient room for the minutes counter.

Despite the high moments of inertia of the balance wheel, there is a 5 day power reserve (120 Hours) with a 32 degree sweep indicator in the 9’o clock position. Lastly Valerie had the idea of placing a disk showing the seconds digit on the tourbillon frame with an extra seconds indicator. This movement is a single “triple action” push button chronograph. It owes its originality to the fact that the chronograph mechanism is visible through the dial, making the chrono information easier to see, while at the same time respecting watch making traditions, since the chronograph is built around the personalized column wheel and placed in the 12’o clock position.

The other distinctive feature of this chronograph is that it is powered directly by the tourbillon frame with which the movement is equipped, and its single push button in the 2’o clock position. These movement components are manufactured and decorated in the best traditions and to the highest standards of Swiss fine watch making. Valerie designed each part of the movement, giving an overall sense of aesthetic harmony to the piece.

The case is a technical masterpiece. The four clasps which fix the bezel and the back to the case middle are perfectly integrated into the overall case design. As with all hd3 complication watches, this new capture 2 is ergonomically designed, and despite its robust character fits perfectly on all wrists. These watches are among the most prestigious in terms of quality and finish.

Frequency: 21,600A/h
Power Reserve: 120 hours
Lignes: 13″‘
Angle of lift: 54 degree
Jewels: 33 rubies
1 push button: 2’o clock position
Total diameter of movement: 30.40mm
Special editions limited to 11 pieces: Titanium and white gold/ Pink gold 4N and black PVD

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