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Piaget Limelight Twice Collection

Since the late 1950s, Piaget has distinguished itself by creating jewellery watches featuring a rare breed of audacity. In 2009, Piaget created a new watch concept entirely worthy of these often extravagant collections: the Limelight Twice.

This is a truly original watch featuring an atypical design. It is endowed with a dual nature and is thus capable of showing itself demure or extrovert according to your mood. In its simple version, the “tails” side is a round watch on which the pleated effect of the sunburst guilloché worked white gold creates the illusion of a round shape.

The case lines are modern, pure and soft, while a dainty black dial nestles at 6 o’clock. On the “heads” side, a row of diamonds lights up the white dial featuring distinctive Roman numerals underscoring the off-centred position of the hands at 12 o’clock. Two separate Piaget 56P quartz movements drive each of the faces of the watch, thus enabling them to display two different time zones.
In its Haute Joaillerie version, the “tails” side of the Limelight Twice is adorned with an entirely diamond-set sunburst motif. The “heads” side is distinguished by understated Roman numerals against a silver-coloured background rimmed with diamonds. Meanwhile, the gem-setting and assembly fine workmanship that goes into crafting the bracelet is quite simply extraordinary.

The reversible nature of the watch called for extreme suppleness and meticulous work on the gem-set polished surface. Moulding the shape of the wrist on both sides, the two identities of the Limelight Twice are revealed. Diamonds for the red carpet mood, and white gold flecks for a joyful daytime experience. The same identity codes are expressed on the clasp which is gem-set on one side and polished on the other.

A range of other technical feats were involved in creating this game of heads and tails, including a new integration mode for the case and bracelet, and a hidden time-setting push-button.

Loyal as ever to the inimitable Piaget spirit, the Limelight Twice was created for a modern, active and feminine woman who appreciates discretion but who also enjoys succumbing to the extreme pleasures of sheer glamour. Three models are available. Two on a version with a black satin strap and a third with a gold and diamonds bracelet.

Limelight Twice Ref. G0A34136

Limelight Twice, Ref: G0A34137

Limelight Twice High Jewellery, Ref: G0A34138

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