deLaCour BiTourbillon

The BiTourbillon by deLaCour is by its nature unique. These exclusive timepieces will never be assigned numbers or serial numbers, each will individually named. Their names representing the personality and unique identity of each piece. Flying bi-tourbillon driven by a differential to maintain a constant force.

The differential allows the equalization of the function of the two tourbillons and improves the precision. Indication of the hour and second time zone with instantaneous change. Indication of the moon phase with a mechanism that shows a shooting star passing furtively every 6 minutes in front of the moon phase. Power reserve 50 hours.
Technical details
Movement: Calibre DC297, double floating tourbillon movement
Tourbillon Frequency: 3Hz (The two Tourbillons rotate in opposing directions)
The two Tourbillons are regulated using a differential
The same differential acts as an equalizer of both Tourbillons
GMT and Local Time hour indicators, with instantaneous jumping change
Lunar Phase Indicator
Shooting Star Mechanism
78 Jewels
Power reserve: 40Hrs
Movement dimensions: 40mm x 33mm
Watch thickness: 11.9mm

1. Lunar Phase Corrector
2. Shooting Star
3. Local Hour indicator
4. Crown (2 Positions)
5. Right Tourbillon
6. Left Tourbillon
7. Minute Hand
8. GMT Hour indicator
9. Lunar Phase Indicator
10. GMT Hour Corrector

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