Antoine Preziuso Transworld Pebble

On this magnificent version of the Transworld line created by Antoine Preziuso, the travel theme is highlighted by the stunningly original large pebble-like case. The 24-hour dial features large numerals at 3-hourly intervals with “hour lines” in between, symbolically evoking the rays of the sun and in practical terms representing the longitudes on a world map.

It is also visually distinguished by a light upper zone to display daytime hours and a dark lower section to show the night-time.

The dial centre is adorned with a stylised representation of the globe with its continents stretching across the vast expanse of a wavy-patterned blue ocean background. More than just an artistic accomplishment, the latter actually turns in 24 hours as the real globe to indicate the time zones for individuals entirely at home in our global village.

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