Antoine Preziuso 3volution

The 3volution timepiece watch was introduced in 2005. This one-of-kind creation from Antoine Preziuso incorporates a patented Tri-tourbillon mechanism.

Continuing its journey through space and time, already punctuated with landmark creations such as “Moonlight”, the only watch to depict the lunar glow, or the meteorite tourbillons that Antoine Preziuso is the only watchmaker to date to clothe in this celestial garment, this high horology masterpiece offers technical innovations with orbital gyrations displaying the same regularity as those of our planetary system. These same innovations also enable the Tri-Tourbillon to turn established concepts on their head by playing on the effects of gravity with disconcerting ease.

The hand-winding mechanism of the Tri-Tourbillon winds a twin barrel that ensures optimal efficiency and a comfortable power-reserve. The last wheel and pinion of the gear-train drives the heart of the system; a circular roller carrying no less than three flying tourbillons.

The latter are arranged in an equidistant manner from the centre of the roller, with their respective axes forming an equilateral triangle. Each of the three tourbillons performs a complete rotation around its axis in one minute, while the entire roller needs only 2 minutes and 15 seconds to complete one revolution.

Constituting a first factor in enhancing precision, the speed of rotation of each of the tourbillons is thus accelerated by this double revolution. The respective frequencies of the three regulating organs keep step with each other thanks to the resonance achieved thanks to the flange around the circumference of the roller that acts as a resonating chamber.

The main principle of the physical phenomenon of resonance is that each oscillator moves in harmony with the two others in a self-compensating manner. The three oscillators thus vibrate at an average, stable and virtually imperturbable rate. Another phenomenon deriving directly from the first is that the amplitude of each of the oscillators is significantly increased when there is resonance.

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