Bernard Favre – The Satellite Planet Gear Winding System & The Crown Winder

Today we feature two innovative and outstanding horology creations by Bernard Favre from Neuchâtel, better known as the valley of Swiss traditional watch making. These instruments are created to protect the mechanical watches by a patented watch & crown winding systems.

If you are a lover of mechanical watches that you wear depending on the circumstances and your impulses, putting aside your chronograph for a double time zone watch for an extended weekend, reserving your annual calendar for a few exceptional evenings, If you are a small a big collector then what Bernard Favre has conceived and developed in the heart of the Swiss watch making region deserves your attention.

Prolonged immobility is the first enemy of the self winding watch .The mechanism does not rest when it is stopped. It becomes numb, the oil of its train wheels can congeal, and restarting it requires tedious, sometimes difficult adjustments, especially in the case of complicated models. In any case by its very nature, a self winding movement undoubtedly prefers to operate constantly. This is why devises have been designed to ensure constant winding of self winding watches.

The Satellite-Planet gear winding System

The Swiss horology expert, Bernard Favre presents “The Satellite- the Planet gear winding System” which meets two main demands of watch lovers and watch makers: an original mechanism and a powerful design, all this incorporating innovation, protected by patent.

Accordingly , the presentation case become an object of attention in its own right, the luxurious box having its rightful place in a select interior, a lounge or office. When closed, it is intriguing in its in initial passive role of protection, before giving its full measure by unveiling on demand the twirling ballet of the horological pieces which it keeps constantly active.

Close to the watch making world that he knows well and mixes with every day, Bernard Favre from Neuchatel has conceived and designed some winding systems to enable the finest self winding and manual timepieces to be highlighted in an original manner while respecting the watch maker spirit to which he is extremely attached.

These new Swiss made products were designed and manufactured in the workshops of D&C Manufacture in the canton of Neuchatel by a skilled artisans. The company, which houses leather goods, joinery and mechanical engineering workshops under the same roof, has built it self a solid reputation in customised casing of luxury goods for prestigious brands.

Bernard Favre Satellite-Planet gear winding System
Recommended retail price for the “Satellite-Planet gear winding System” is CHF 15,490 (In Switzerland).

Working principle

The winding device is based on a set of gears consisting of a bridge formed of three arms which it links together. Three pinion gears are placed at the ends of arms. Rotation of the bridge causes rotation of the pinion gears which mesh around the central wheel. The watch supports are attached to these pinion gears and rotate around them.

As a result, the watches will rotate in a lane that can range from the upright position to a slant of 45 degrees. Their oscillating weight of course moves accordingly, thereby ensuring winding of the self winding movement. The watch pivots and the oscillating weight remain stable. However, if the oscillating weight catches on the movement, it will be released at mid-height for better balancing subsequently on the case-back, which will wind up the spring.

The Planet gear movement is driven by a Swiss manufactured motor, rugged and very silent. It rotates at 650 or 800 revolutions per day in clockwise direction, in the reverse direction or in both directions alternately over a 24hour period.

The mounting on the secure timepiece holder is extremely easy to use. The spring leaf and transversal holding bar assembly enables the timepiece to be extremely balance, reducing the motor’s energy consumption.

The axis of the holder is mounted using 2 bearings inside the hub, allowing very smooth rotation, with the objective of limiting energy consumption. These two factors combine to reduce the demand on the motor to a minimum, which therefore consumes less energy and offers an extended lifetime.

The Crown winder

The manual timepiece winder is a crown winder mechanism. The removable holder enables any size of timepiece to be installed with ease. The chariot on two sliding rails presses the winding pinion gently on to the crown.
Bernard Favre crown winder
The highly sensitive clutch automatically safely shuts down the motor at the slightest resistance from the crown of the timepiece. The winding mechanism operates on a 24 hour cycle. A small accumulator provides the power supply. Retail price in Switzerland is CHF 10,400.

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