Boucheron MEC Collection: MEC Bat and MEC Feather

Nature is a favourite theme for the House of Boucheron. The tame MEC collection, which was launched in 2003, has been grown over by a wild and magnificent fauna and given in to the charm of exuberance.

Enlivened by the touch of excess that transfigures simple objects into pure creations, the MEC collection took a radical turn in 2007 with the “Jungle” series. After last year’s MEC Cobra and in keeping with its values, Boucheron once again brings together the know-how of high end watch making and creative world of French jewellery in two quirky and iconoclastic models, the kind that the brand has a secret talent for: the MEC Bat and MEC Feather.


It is a bat, night-loving creature fabricated by the House of Boucheron’s brimming imagination and seeking repose on the case of the new MEC jeweller’s model. After the chameleon, turtle and snake, here comes the bestiary collection’s newest hunting trophy.

Adorned with rubies, multi-coloured sapphires and diamonds, this strange animal seems to have swooped down directly from the world of Johann Strauss the Younger and will surely put a twinkle in the eye of a few connoisseurs seeking originality and elegance.

Technical details

  • Steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement, visible through a sapphire glass decorated with the shape of a Bat
  • White gold Bat set with 82 stones: 51 blue sapphires, 28 purple sapphires, 2 rubies and a black diamond
  • Grey-blue mother of-pearl dial
  • Night blue python skin strap

MEC Feather

The MEC collection’s new “Feather” model is the watch-making incarnation of party time, adding a touch of lightness to this daily timekeeper. It was evidently inspired by the “Belle Époque” and its ostrich feather boas, but also by the huge white feather wraparound fans toted by revue dancers in hip Cabarets. The feather is not just a quill – the appendage of writers – but also a symbol of opulence, what foreign visitors see as the slightly piquant aspect of “Gay Paree”, part of what composes the glamorous image of the City of Lights.

Like an ethereal plume fluttering away from a party favour, the delicate white gold feather set with 117 stones looks like it might fly away with the whims of the slightest breeze. This arabesque, with its fanciful undulations, partly covers the steel case and reveals the pomp of a baroque world of all-night entertainment and joie de vivre.

Technical details

  • Steel case
  • Self-winding mechanical movement, visible through a sapphire glass decorated with the shape of a feather
  • White gold feather set with 117 stones: 9 diamonds, 50 blue sapphires, 26 purple sapphires, 32 yellow sapphires
  • Grey-blue mother-of-pearl dial
  • Night blue python skin strap

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