Quinting Arabesque

Swiss luxury watch brand Quinting launches a model which reflects the race of time through an arabesque which perpetually changes its shape with the passing of seconds, minutes and hours. Every second, a new ephemeral draft appears, the round dance of seconds, minutes and hours drawing some figures in perpetual movement.

Three different arabesques have been engraved on three mobile sapphires which represent the hours, minutes and seconds. The first figure moves at the rhythm of seconds, the second at the rhythm of minutes and the third at the rhythm of hours. Thus, the shape drawn is different every second but also every minute and hour.

Quinting has created the model Arabesque in two versions, the first in gold, the second in steel. The gold watch presents 3 arabesques with golden shades, a very elegant piece. The steel watch presents three tinges of grey, from the bright grey to the charcoal grey for a very modern effect.

The watch is composed of metalized sapphires and has an anti-reflection treatment. The case back and the movement are engraved with an individual serial number.

Technical details

Total Height: 9,12 mm
Total Diameter: 39 mm
Water Resistant: 50 meters (5 ATM)

The unique patented movement with counter balancing forces on the seconds hand.
Distance between 2 sapphires: from 0,18 to 0,55 mm
Number of sapphire layers: 9 perfectly parallel sapphire disks
Guarantee: 2 years
Adjustment: +0.10 – 0.60 sec/d.


Crocodile leather strap
Precious metal bracelet (gold, stainless steel)

Case with or without diamonds on the interior ring and the exterior bezel are available on Stainless steel, Yellow gold, Pink gold or White gold.

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