Aspen Jewelry and Watches – Aspen One Limited Edition

Launched this year, Aspen One is the first luxury timepiece introduced by Aspen Jewelry and Watches. Aspen One, a limited edition Swiss-made timepiece is a tribute to Aspen and to its crown jewel, Aspen Mountain. Retailing at $38,900, Aspen One has partnered with Aspen-based jewelry boutique, Meridian Jewelers as the exclusive Colorado retailer that will represent the eight varieties of the Aspen One watch.
Aspen Jewelry and Watches - Aspen One Limited EditionAspen Jewelry and Watches founder René van Ass, a Netherlands native and entrepreneur, is known for developing brands and media concepts.
Aspen Jewelry and Watches - Aspen One Limited Edition
The precious Swiss-made timepiece offered in four color combinations of 18 kt white or rosé gold, carries unique features that communicate elements specific to Aspen. A specially-designed compass shows you where you are once on top of Aspen Mountain, and the watch tells you when it is time to change your ski-strap to your après-ski strap (done in a few seconds with a technique similar to removing a ski from a boot) at four o’ clock.

The Aspen One collection contains 3,267 pieces, exactly the number of feet from the bottom to the top of the mountain. On the top of Aspen Mountain, a monument has been constructed that will feature the names of all watch buyers and their unique virtual elevation number. The first watch will be auctioned in Europe to benefit child cancer research and the second watch will be given to the celebrity guest of Aspen One.

In United states, you can buy Aspen One watches from Meridian Jewelers,525 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611.

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