Luminox F-22™ Chronograph 9200 Series

Luminox presents the F-22™ CHRONOGRAPH 9200 SERIES, a tribute to the F-22 Raptor™ Stealth Fighter. As the exclusive timepiece licensee of Lockheed Martin®, Luminox introduces styling cues taken directly from the airplane.

The F-22 Raptor™ is the world’s premier fifth generation fighter and combines stealth technology with the ability to “super cruise,” i.e. sustained supersonic flight without afterburners, a much more efficient way to fly. The F-22™ is capable of speeds up to Mach 1.82 without afterburners (more than Mach 2.0 with them).

A sleek and beautiful fighter plane, the F-22™ is an amazing piece of machinery. The Luminox F-22 Raptor™ Series incorporates many design cues from the plane. Luminox’s designer reviews all the material on the F-22™, focusing on style and design elements in the plane that can be replicated and referenced in the watch.

In the F-22 Raptor™ watch, the shape of the bezel and two of the center links of the bracelet were directly influenced by the wings of the plane. In addition, the shape of the case reflects the body of the plane and the crown mimics the engines of the plane. Finally, the numbers, colors and style of the dial were inspired by the actual dashboard of the F-22™.

To make the watch stand out even more, the case back features a detailed engraving of the F-22™. Luminox timepieces are manufactured like few others. The proprietary Luminox Light Technology and the additional quality control steps Luminox mandates require extraordinary attention to detail and care in manufacturing. All Luminox Watches are Swiss-made.
Technical details

  1. Size/Diameter: 43 mm
  2. Water resistance: 200 meters, 20 ATM
  3. Movement: RONDA 5050.C BIG 6H DAY 12H HH
  4. Battery/Battery life: 395 / 54 months
  5. Case: Titanium case with two IP black pushers
  6. Bezel: Titanium rotating, at 12H colored LLT protected by metalized mineral glass window
  7. Case back: Titanium brushed screw case back
  8. Glass: Sapphire glass, single anti-reflective coating
  9. Crown: Titanium, screwed

Standard straps
FE.9200.20TI: Black with inset red genuine leather strap with titanium signature buckle
FM.L.BRAC.9200 Bracelet: Titanium bracelet with signature buckle

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