Concord C1 Worldtimer Edition 2009 – C1 WorldTimer Night Race and C1 WorldTimer Dual Color Version

Introduced in 2008, the C1 WorldTimer is an intransigent instrument that refuses to fit into any one category. As easy to handle as it is to read, with a second time zone displayed in a wholly unprecedented manner, this watch confirms Concord’s commitment to anchoring its watches in a world of audacity and innovation. The watch is now available in two new versions.

A feature of the C1 WorldTimer collection, the dial design highlights a second time zone through interplay of dark and light contrasts. The dial’s aesthetics underscore the orderly construction of the time data. The GMT indication is expressed through an arc that displays the world under a new sky using an original device based on superimposed hour and city disks that rotate on demand. The display mechanism, that hides nothing of its mode of operation, plays on transparency and luminosity to accentuate the depth effect of the dial.

Simply pressing the button at 2 o’clock selects the destination city activating the information in the GMT window. The time in the corresponding zone is instantly displayed alongside the relevant city. An additional corrector hidden in the side of the case at 4 o’clock serves to modify the hours if required (particularly when switching from summer to winter time). As the changes only affect the hours, the central minutes hand remains the point of reference.

After the blue version that launched last year, Concord updates the C1 WorldTimer line by launching two new colour variations.

While the Dual-color version dares to combine rose gold with the blackness of the DLC-coated stainless steel case, the other model enliven the second time zone with the brilliant tones of deep red.

While the blue version seems to reveal an intense acuteness, time on the C1 WorldTimer Night Race watch sees red. Its scarlet minute circle embraces a textured black dial, swept by a second fire-red time zone. The date window is outlined with a fine blood vessel.

At 2 o’clock, a carmine push-button lays siege to the case and seems to eclipse the black-coated crown. The visual impact is intense; time is incisive. This 2009 edition follows in the wake of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

The dual-color C1 WorldTimer watch demonstrates that opposites really do attract: here, the interplay between light and dark reveals its full evocative force. Emblematic of Concord watches, the muscular rose gold colored hands highlighted by luminescent material sweep across a dark dial punctuated by appliquéd phosphorescent indexes.

Echoing the crown and screws, a rose gold bezel, straddled by eight black rubber-coated tabs, emphasizes the impressive contours of the 3.3 mm thick sapphire crystal.

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