Chronoswiss Audi Centennial Timepiece Tachoscope

In order to celebrate their anniversary, prestigious car manufacturer Audi has launched a very special watch – the new Tachoscope. This exclusive chronograph was conceived by Audi Design, and Chronoswiss with its renowned expertise in watchmaking was chosen as partner for the development and production.

The Audi centennial timepiece uniquely combines a regulator dial, a chronograph featuring a stopwatch operated by a single push-button (Monopulsante), and a tachometer dial.

Chronoswiss Audi Centennial Timepiece TachoscopeInspired by the instrumentation of the legendary Auto Union racing car, Audi Design created customized, crystal-clear lettering for the watch’s face. It is dominated by the numerals, which are reminiscent of the tachometers in the Type C Grand Prix racing car of the 1930s.

The crown was created in the shape of a gearwheel; the case exudes elegance and is well- proportioned. In the mechanical movement, the rotor-visible through the sapphire glass back cover of the case-features engraving that proclaims the years of Audi’s anniversary. Chronoswiss engineered the technology beneath the dial.

The interior of the Tachoscope contains the exclusive C. 125 caliber, for which Chronoswiss recently received a European patent (Number 1243984). By means of a complex mechanism, this caliber allows the chronograph to be operated via a single push-button integrated in the winding device’s crown.

As a limited-edition, only 100 pieces of the Audi Centennial Timepiece will be available, 35 of which will be manufactured in platinum with a genuine enamel dial (CH A 1520) and 65 in white gold with a dial of massive Sterling silver (CH A 1521 W).

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