Seiko Prospex Jewelfish

Introduced in 2000, Jewelfish is a series of Seiko Prospex diver’s watches with a casual design that is light and easy to wear. The inaugural series was comprised of seven references: SBCB001, SBCB003, SBCB005, SBCT001, SBCT003, SBCT005 and SBCT007. Released in Japan in May 2000, this collection had a retail price range of 28,000-30,000 yen.

It is to be noted that the sub-brand name Seiko Sports, which is a general term for Seiko sports watches, was changed to SEIKO PROSPEX from April 2000. Named after a transparent, glittering, jewel-like fish, Seiko Prospex Jewel Fish is a unisex watch that meets the standards of a JIS type 1 diving watch. Its water-resistance rating is 100m.

Seiko Prospex Jewelfish watches SBCB003 and SBCT005
Featured models: SBCT005 (left) and SBCB003 (right)

A stand-out feature of the Seiko Jewel fish watch is its transparent rotating bezel. Acrylic is used for the material of the rotating bezel to give it a gentle rounded form and a unique transparency. In addition, by pouring paint into the Arabic numeral part of the three-dimensional molded bezel and applying metallic paint on the back side, the company created a three-dimensional rotating bezel with high visibility.

Each Seiko Prospex Jewelfish watch is equipped with a solar quartz caliber that does not require battery replacement (driving for about 6 months when fully charged).

The first three references (SBCB001, SBCB003 and SBCB005) are three-hand with date models. They feature the solar-powered quartz V145 calibre.

The remaining four references (SBCT001, SBCT003, SBCT005 and SBCT007) are multifunction models displaying the time, day, date and 24-H function. The movement used in these models is Seiko Solar Quartz V14J Calibre.

Moreover, Seiko appointed French world-record setting free-diving champion Audrey Ferreras as the face of this diving watch collection. To commemorate the release of Seiko Jewel Fish watches, the brand also released a special model as a tribute to this world-renowned adventurer. This model has an orange color dial.

The product name (Jewelfish) and the champion’s name (Audrey) are printed on the inside of the glass, and her signature is laser-marked on the belt clasp. Presented with a special original box, the Seiko Prospex Jewelfish Audrey Ferreras scuba diving watch (SBCT007) was a limited edition of 2000 pieces.

Technical details

Collection: Seiko Prospex Jewelfish Air Diver’s 100m

Models with three hands and date

  • SBCB001: Green dial
  • SBCB003: Sky blue dial
  • SBCB005: Yellow dial

Multifunction models

  • SBCT001: Blue dial
  • SBCT003: Sky blue dial
  • SBCT005: White dial
  • SBCT007: Orange dial, Audrey Ferreras Limited Edition

Three-hands with date models: Seiko Solar Quartz V145 Calibre (hour, minute, seconds and date)
Multi-function models: Seiko Solar Quartz V14J Calibre (hour, minute, seconds, day, date and 24-H function)
Time accuracy: Average monthly difference within ± 20 seconds (when worn on the arm at a temperature of 5 ° C to 35 ° C)
Duration: Driven for about 6 months when fully charged
Immediate start function, energy remaining amount notice function, overcharge prevention function

Stainless steel and bracelet
Diameter: 40mm
Waterproof for 100m air diving (scuba) (JIS class 1 diving clock)