Alfex 60th Anniversary Collection

Alfex, the small, independent watchmaker from Tessin, Switzerland, is a multiple award winning company creates timepieces in close cooperation with prominent designers and rising young talents. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, this Swiss watch brand has created two anniversary limited-edition men’s watches.

While most watchmakers focus on their men’s collections, Alfex discovered the almost unlimited potential of the female customer early on. 70 to 80 percent of its collection consist of women’s models, each one unique and developed independently and not – as is customary – derived from a men’s watch. From the beginning, the company focused on the “Swiss made” label, as well as on the use of anti-allergenic materials.

Alfex’s anniversary pays homage to both style and people. Each individual design is the expression of a different phase in life. True to its business philosophy “dare to be different,” it celebrates all facets of unforgettable moments in life. Alfex wants to share its will and passion for constant innovation with the world of watchmaking by presenting two unconventional, limited-edition anniversary collections designed by Marcus Eilinger.

The 5587 Giant Alarm Pazzola model of the Bernhard Russi collection is a mechanical watch with alarm, pointing into a new direction in design as well as technology. For the first time, the alarm function is solved by a disc integrated underneath the dial. Alfex has found a solution that perfects the setting of the alarm. This is a 600-unit limited edition watch available at CHF 2,700.

The 5561 Badus model of the Mechanical Collection is a tribute to Alfex’s 60 years of success in business. The dial of the second hand bears the inscription “60th Anniversary 1948-2008.” Two models, each reference has a 60-unit limited-edition watch available for CHF 1,260.

5587 Giant Alarm Pazzola model: Limited Edition (600 units)
5561 – 640 / 641 Badus model: Limited Edition (60 units, each style)

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