Founded by Mathias Buttet in 2004, BNB CONCEPT is an industry leader in the production of highly complicated watch movements.

Respecting its famous predecessors of last centuries, who used the most modern techniques of their time to invent avant-garde movements, BNB CONCEPT S.A. ventured further in watch-making creation basing itself on the technology of the 21st century.

To give itself the means of taking up this challenge which, in the beginning, could seem foolish, BNB CONCEPT S.A. was able to surround itself with highly qualified people who had demonstrated their skills in the top of the watch-making industry.

BNB CONCEPT S.A. is capable to manufacture parts from A to Z: from the design and the research and development to the prototyping, the pre-series and limited series. It can assemble or case watch movements.

An internal laboratory carries out galvanoplasty and decoration. Thanks to its ultramodern machines, BNB CONCEPT S.A. also manufactures its sets: escape wheels, pallets, balances, etc. In the middle 2007, BNB CONCEPT S.A. opened its factory in a site in the Lake Geneva region (Canton of Vaud), halfway between its customers from the Geneva major brands and its suppliers of the Jura Mountains.

A large part of the success of BNB CONCEPT S.A. also comes from the privileged relationships it has been capable to build with its suppliers and from the reciprocal climate of confidence where a handshake or a glance has more value than the most convoluted contract and is the guarantee of an irreproachable quality and of respected delivery periods.

The vocation of BNB CONCEPT S.A. is to work for various watch brands which, for confidentiality’s grounds, it does not name without their express authorization, but its «touch» is found in movements and additional modules presented since Basel 2006.

The team of BNB CONCEPT S.A. is at ease in the shadow, in this role of “eminence grise” which enables it «give free rein to its passion» in the most different kinds of products, to be active in all the top-of-the-range watchmaking niches and not to be locked up in the yoke of one single brand. It can thus give free course to its imagination, its creativity and its originality benefiting from this secret side.

In 2008, Mathias Buttet, founder and President of the BNB Concept S.A initiated an ambitious project named “The Confrérie Horlogère to promote skilled watchmakers giving them the opportunity to develop their own watch brand.

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