HD3 Complication Three Minds

Having first each designed their own models (Capture by Valerie, Raptor by Fabrice and Idalgo by Jorg), the Hd3 complication team members have joined forces to imagine and invent “Three Minds”. Brainchild of these founts of creative and artistic talent, this ultimate creation symbolizes the designers’ shared passion for the superlative.

The three minds movement is unique to hd3 complication. It adds a new dimension to time, reflecting an original, innovative watch making culture. Its automatic movement, a fine watch making work of art, is central to the aesthetic design of this new age timepiece.

Its innovative display uses three rotating discs (hours-minutes-seconds). Hd3 complication has developed a special rotor for the three minds model, showing the automatic movement in a very different light.

The bodywork of the three minds was designed with the same concern for technical and aesthetic perfection as for its fine watch making “motor” thus matching the avant-garde outlook which is very essence of creativity at hd3 complication. The folding clasp was also specially developed by hd3 complication.

Limited editions
33 pieces rose gold, brown PVD
33 pieces, titanium and white gold, blue luminova numbers
33 pieces, titanium PVD and white gold, luminova numbers
33 pieces, rose gold, black PVD, luminova numbers


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