Icelink 6Timezone Mechanical (6TZM)

The Icelink 6Timezone Mechanical (6TZM) watch houses the world’s first rectangular mechanical movement with its six functioning zones—five displaying the hour and minutes and the sixth displaying seconds.

With its unique exterior, this new timepiece represents a “Swiss Inside” evolution of the 6Timezone range. Available in white or rose gold, with or without diamond settings, the 6Timezone Mechanical (6TZM) is a testament to the brand’s progress.

The Geneva-based company Icelink has adopted a curved rectangular movement with manual rewinding. The shapely case has obliged the creators of the movement to push back the mechanical limits and produce an innovation in watch-making.

Conical pinions from the mechanical industry make it possible to simultaneously manage the time zone at 3 o’clock positioned horizontally and the four other time zones positioned at 1 and 3 as well as at 5 and 7 positioned respectively on two other inclined sections.

Another particularity of this mechanical model, the zone at 3 o’clock, is the only one with a minute hand. The other 4 have a disc with night/day indicator. This special feature gives this 6Timezone model a very refined aesthetic.

The button positioned at 3 o’clock allows you to wind the mechanism and at the same time set the time of the 5 time zones, including the local time. An additional sophistication even allows each of the four other buttons to set the time independently. This first Icelink calibre is called ILMM1and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

The case is available in 18K white or rose gold, paved with diamonds of different sizes, available with a total of 6 carats. The screw-down curved back offers two openings to reveal the mechanical movement. The timepiece has five crowns, buttons, and folding clasp, all in18K gold, and a black crocodile or alligator strap.


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