DELANCE Pink Ribbon

The DELANCE “Pink Ribbon” unites women all over the world in solidarity. Twenty-eight rose sapphires celebrate the moon’s cycle and femininity. The twenty-eight stones link the East to the West passing by the North, and the four stones to the South highlight the importance of the four cardinal directions.

Each DELANCE, by its lines and forms, symbolizes life, harmony and spirituality. Nestled at the center is the losange of life; at noon the spiral representing water and womanhood; at six o’clock shimmer the stone and fire, the masculine symbols. The infinity loop binds all the elements together in harmony, joining the masculine to the feminine.

DELANCE created the “Pink Ribbon” as a message of hope. Highly symbolic, each element of this original watch was chosen with the utmost care so the woman who wears it will be constantly reminded of the lifelong power of her femininity.  The colour of the rose sapphires, like the flower it represents, symbolizes love, the white mother of pearl face, like the glowing pearl, symbolizes the creative essences of womanhood.

The moon’s cycle, the archetype of a woman’s twenty-eight day cycle, vibrates in diapason with the challenges women face in the third millennium. DELANCE consciously chose twenty-eight pink sapphires to celebrate women’s unity and solidarity.

Composed of two ancient and principal feminine attributes, the mother and the figure 8, the number of cosmic balance, 28 → 2+8 can be reduced to the vibration inherent in the number 10, which symbolizes the totality of achievement and universal creation… which can then return to unity when reducing the ten to one and zero or 10 → 1+0 .

The DELANCE “Pink Ribbon” ties the women of the whole world together in mutual support. The “Pink Ribbon” is also DELANCE’s way of participating in the Swiss program by offering watches for sale on the website.

Technical details
Model: Pink Ribbon
Case: 24 rose sapphires, stainless steel and back affixed with 5 screws
Setting: Small: 0.25 carat/ Medium: 0.28 carat
Dial: white mother-of-pearl
Hands: Nickel-plated
Glass: Cambered scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Cabochon: 4 rose sapphires at 6 o’clock (interchangeable)
Movement: ETA quartz or mechanical hand wound Piguet 8.10 (special order)
Bracelet: Alligator rose (interchangeable)
Water-resistance: 3 atm / 30 m
Guarantee: 2 years

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