H. Moser & Cie. HENRY ROSSO – Ref. 324.607-005

HENRY ROSSO from Moser. The highly regarded tonneau watch with double hairspring is now available in a subtly accentuated rose gold case with a jet black dial. The colour combination of this exceptional watch highlights the elegance and confident style of its owner. The beautifully proportioned, large tonneau case is manufactured entirely from rose gold with a radiant lustre.

The legendary elegance of a Moser watch, combined with a unique innovation in the oscillation system, the most complex component of the mechanical watch. Two hairsprings, which oscillate against one another to equalise gravitational error. Self-compensating and antimagnetic, of course. A superb horological achievement, which naturally still incorporates the typical interchangeability of a Moser escapement and finds its place in this unique movement.

This masterpiece offers the latest horological artistry from Moser, together with a power reserve of at least four days. The design of the pallet fork and escapement wheel made of hardened solid gold remains exclusive and unique to Moser. The Cal. HMC324.607 MOSER MOVEMENT is a hand-wound movement with a decentralised pocket watch seconds hand, a large-volume barrel and the power reserve display on the movement side.

All supplemented by the interchangeable Straumann double hairspring escapement module. Three-part, rectangular case in rose gold, with discreetly convex sapphire glass and see-through sapphire glass back, crocodile leather strap, solid rose gold clasp.

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