H. Moser & Cie. HENRY FUMÉ – Ref. 324.607-003

The HENRY FUMÉ from Moser with a case made of radiantly white palladium. A special dial of an unusual design highlights the exceptional elegance of this watch. The case of the watch is manufactured entirely from palladium, a hard, brilliant white and very rare precious metal with an exceptional lustre. The beautifully proportioned tonneau case combines understatement with a unique innovation in the oscillation system, the most complex component of the mechanical watch.

Two hairsprings,which oscillate against one another to equalise gravitational error. Self-compensating and antimagnetic, of course. A superb horological achievement, which naturally still incorporates the typical interchangeability of a Moser escapement and finds its place in this unique movement.

The HENRY FUMÉ is fitted with a large-volume barrel, offering a power reserve of at least four days, and the typical Moser large pocket watch seconds hand. The Cal. HMC324.607 MOSER MOVEMENT is a true movement incorporating the Moser tooth system and hardened bearing pins in the entire wheel train. True bevel wheels in the winding system ensure a smooth, low-wear winding operation – a worldwide rarity in wristwatches.

Power reserve display on the movement side. Three-part case in solid palladium, the precious metal for watches and jewellery of the 21st century. Discreetly convex sapphire glass and see-through sapphire glass back, crocodile leather strap, solid palladium clasp.

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