Chronoswiss Rattrappante (Automatic Chronograph with Split Second)

If the chronograph with automatic winding attracts higher regard than the “mere” chronograph, then the superlative would certainly be the chronograph with automatic winding and split-seconds hand.

The chronograph is, even in its simplest form, a highly versatile watch with which to measure the timespan of events easily and comfortably.

But when a split-seconds mechanism, known as “rattrapante” in French, is incorporated, the versatility of a chronograph increases considerably. Two or more events with the same starting time but of different lengths. e.g. championship sprinting, may be timed simultaneously.

The split-seconds hand is linked to the chronograph hand by means of a complex mechanism. A specially designed push-piece allows the split-seconds hand to be stopped as often as required and brought back into synchronicity with the still-running chronograph hand.

Chronoswiss Rattrappante (Automatic Chronograph with Split Second)The complexity of the chronograph rattrapante construction and the attendant high costs have limited the numbers of this model produced in the past and have made these rarities into coveted collectors’ items.

Chronoswiss has once again built on its excellence in the field of mechanical chronographs and turned to this fascinating additional function. The culmination of Chronoswiss’ intensive development and research is a Chronograph Rattrapante which is in many respects similar to classic constructions while also exploiting all the advantages of technological progress in mechanical watchmaking.

Chronoswiss Rattrappante (Automatic Chronograph with Split Second)
The works are calibre C.732 with automatic winding by means of a skeleton rotor and 25 functional jewels. The chronograph can measure intervals of up to 12 hours.

Directly under the watch face is the split-seconds mechanism (patent applied for), constructed along classical principles using ratchet wheel and pliers, further proof of the care and imagination of Chronoswiss’ designers may be seen in the fact that the watch works are not bulkier than usually despite the incorporation of the complex extra mechanism; the off-centre positioning of the hour/minute display at the figure “3” is an elegant solution to this aesthetic problem.

Chronoswiss Rattrappante (Automatic Chronograph with Split Second)The Chronograph Rattrapante is available in steel, steel/gold, gold and platinum. The casing is water-resistant up to 30 metres and is naturally crafted according to the highest Chronoswiss standards.

The front is protected by scratch-proof sapphire glass; the exquisitely ornamented mechanical works, each one individually numbered, can be admired through the mineral glass base.

Technical details

Model: Rattrappante Automatic-Chronograph

CH 7320, platinum 950 (69g), limited edition (99 pieces)
CH 7321, 18ct. gold (56g)
CH 7321 R, 18ct. red gold (56g)
CH 7322, 18ct. gold (14g)/steel
CH 7322 R, 18ct. red gold (14g)/steel
CH 7323, steel

Hour, minute, second
Chrono-center-second with fly-back hand, 30-minute-register, 12-hour-register

Massive 25-part case, ø 38 mm, height 15,25 mm, smoothed and polished, screwed, decorative bezel with non-reflective sapphire crystal, screwed back with full thread and non-reflective sapphire crystal, massive turnip crown and pushers, fly-back hand pushers red gilt, screwed-on strap bars with patented Autobloc safety system, water-resistant up to 3 atm (30 m)

Chronoswiss Caliber C.732, automatic winding, ø 30 mm (13¼ ´´´), 28 Jewels, Incabloc shock-absorber, 46 hours power-reserve, 4 Hz., 28.800 vibrations per hour (vph),¼ sec. display precision, individually numbered movement

Silver-plated metal dial with, Arabic and Roman numerals, minute-circle with ¼ second-division blued steel hands pear (Poire), red gilt fly-back hand

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