HD3 Complication: CAPTURE by Valerie Ursenbacher, RAPTURE by Fabrice Gonnet and IDALGO XT 2 by Jorg Hysek

HD3 Complication is a Swiss luxury watch brand co-founded by  Jorg Hysek, Valérie Ursenbacher and Fabrice Gonet. Established in 2004, HD3 proudly reflects three talented designers’ shared passion for truly exceptional creative watchmaking.

HD3 CAPTURE by Valerie Ursenbacher (2005)

The capture model is reflecting the technical passion and feminine sensitivity of its creator, Valerie Ursenbacher. It is a blend of old and the new, while the name evokes the particularity of the piece itself, the mirror reflected in the rear window.

Presented in 2005, Capture has different versions: white gold 18 ct, rose gold 18 ct, versions with diamonds and platinum (red, blue and black).The tourbillon movement, HD3 VU001, has been completely restudied aesthetically, and merged with the dial in a subtle image of transparency. Limited edition of 33 pieces per version (3 models 11 pieces for each platinum version, red blue and black)

HD3 RAPTURE by Fabrice Gonnet (2005)

The Rapture model represents the subtle wedding between the haute Horologerie and the high technology. It gives a new orientation to the horological creation of the 21’st century. Designed by Fabrice Gonnet, Raptro is the second tourbillon model created by HD3, and presented in 2005.

With a simple push on the two buttons, the superior case opens lightly, in order to discover the digital display, entirely developed in Switzerland, with its big date, in addition to the stop watch and second time zone. The case has different versions: white gold with titanium, rose gold with titanium and version with diamonds. Limited edition of 33 pieces per version.

HD3 IDALGO XT 2 by Jorg Hysek (2006)

Idalgo is the third model created under the HD3 complication brand name. Jorg Hysek signed this masterpiece in 2006, thus completing the first trilogy of timepieces imagined by truly exceptional designers. Idalgo looks like a watch with two movements; in fact there is just one.

It is the first to be developed by BNB concept, with a double rotor and fine adjustment, in gold, and visible o n the face of the watch. The display is innovative: jumping hour aperture, 180 degree retrograde minutes hand, 360 degree second hand, large date display and a 2’nd time zone.

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