KLEYNOD is a Ukrainian watch brand specialized in the production of quartz as well as mechanical timepieces.

Established in 1997, the Kiev watch factory is the single Ukrainian factory, which serially makes wrist watches. The production program of the factory started from the watch that was devoted to the flight of the first cosmonaut of Independent Ukraine – Leonid Kadenyk.

The factory started the production of wrist watches under Ukrainian trade mark KLEYNOD in the autumn of 2002. It is the first in the Ukraine history. KLEYNOD means the symbol of power or precious. The hetman Kleynods (it is a mace, a flag and etc.) symbolized the power of Ukrainian hetmans, and were used as a regalia and adornments during celebrations and holidays.

According to own engineering design decisions we have already elaborated more than 150 models of Kleynods. The special place in KLEYNOD model row is occupied by the exclusive limited collection of wrist watches KLEYNODS OF INDEPENDENCE, issued to the honor of 15th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. The National Emblem of Ukraine and its main element, Trident, became of the basic of the national design.

The renewed gold watch collection KLEYNOD GOLD was presented in 2007. In gold Kleynods are used rose, white and yellow gold. Ladies watches are decorated by the incrustation of semiprecious stones.

Ukrainian Kleynods united modern tendencies of World watch fashion and the special Ukrainian style. All watches KLEYNOD are completed with Swiss movement Ronda or ETA and have the guarantee period of 2 years. Also, Kiev Watch Factory produces watches with customer’s symbolism on a watch dial and an engraving of watch case back. These watches could be a good gift to professional holidays, firm’s anniversary, advertising and sponsor campaigns, or could be used for rewarding.

The considerable part of Kiev Watch Factory activity is occupied by the elaboration of front, tower and street clocks. These clocks, which are produced by KWF, help to determine a right time to people of Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernigov, Zhitomir, Chernovtsy, Kiev cities and the other cities of Ukraine. Thanks to the broad distribution network, you can buy watches KLEYNOD in more than hundred shops that are situated in different cities of Ukraine.

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