Rebellion – REB-5 Tourbillon & REB-7 Regulator

After launching their horological Rebellion in 2008, the provocative young Swiss brand has kept the creative energy flowing: first with a subtle, but sublime, re-work of their signature modular case by award-winning watch designer Eric Giroud; and secondly in presenting two brand new complications by acclaimed master watchmaker Laurent Besse.

Working with the world’s best watchmakers and designers allows Rebellion to offer distinctive and interesting timepieces at the technological and aesthetical sharp-edge of contemporary fine watchmaking. Award-winning horological designer extraordinaire Eric Giroud has been responsible for some of the wildest and most extreme timepieces on the planet. Giroud has taken Rebellion’s distinctive modular case and refined it to bring out even more of its masculine character and harmonised iconic visual elements including Rebellion’s helice logo.

Master watchmaker and movement designer Laurent Besse has developed two new movements specifically and exclusively for Rebellion. The stunning no-dial architectures reveal the movements and mechanisms in all their micro-mechanical glory. The REB-5 Tourbillon features a mind-blowing seven days reserve of power, while the REB-7 Regulator offers a large date as well as a regulator dial totally unlike any other.

All models are very different; all are very unmistakably non-conformist Rebellion. The Rebellion family of contemporary timepieces share common traits in terms of their highly sophisticated technical design and construction, innovative movements, modular cases, three-dimensional indications and visuals, and their impeccable quality. But what most sets Rebellion’s timepieces apart is their radical non-conformist nature. Full of design cues originating in the world of motor sport, Rebellion Timepieces are high-performance racing cars for the wrist.

Rebellion’s watches are crafted in small series or are unique pieces. The modular construction of the cases and dials ensures that every model is extremely exclusive, as well as offering a vast choice of options regarding personalisation. Rebellion’s precision-engineered cases and high-tech movements are crafted in small numbers to offer exclusive cutting-edge style to a select few.

Rebellion REB-5 Tourbillon

With the REB-5, Rebellion Timepieces hauls that most noble and regal of horological mechanisms, the tourbillon, from its 18th century roots at high speed into the 21st century. In making a complete revolution every 60 seconds, Rebellion’s one-minute tourbillon ensures high precision timekeeping.

Rotating a tourbillon cage each and every minute consumes considerable energy so the majority have a relatively short power reserve. However, Rebellion’s REB-5 stands out from the crowd, both technically and aesthetically, by using twin mainspring barrels to provide a massive seven days of power. It is an achievement perhaps less surprising on discovering that the movement was developed specifically for Rebellion by renowned Swiss master watchmaker Laurent Besse.

Technical specifications

REB-5 Tourbillon

  • Case: Modular sandwich construction
  • Materials: available in red gold, pink gold and white gold
  • Sapphire crystal: compound curves, bevelled edges, anti-reflection coating both faces, side of case, display back
  • Dimensions: 46 mm x 56,7 mm x 19,6 mm
  • Number of components: 45
  • Water resistance: 100m
  • Movement: Calibre: REB-5, manual winding with tourbillon
  • Tourbillon: one-minute rotation
  • Power reserve : 7 days from two mainspring barrels
  • Balance frequency : 21’600 A/h (3Hz)
  • Number of jewels : 23
  • Dimensions : 38.25 mm x 36.7 mm
  • Finishing: galvanic black gold plates, gold plated wheels, blued and black gold screws, wolf-teeth barrels
  • Movements verified by in-house state-of-the-art testing laboratory
  • Strap: Natural rubber straps with double folding buckle matching case metal.

Rebellion REB-7 Regulator watch

The Regulator timepiece has an almost mystical status in horological history due to its traditional role as the reference clock used by the watchmaker to time the accuracy of all other clocks and watches.

Rebellion’s stunning REB-7 takes that traditional Regulator design and reinvents it for the 21st century. Displaying both the minutes and seconds centrally has enabled Rebellion to include a very legible large date indication as well as providing easy reading of the exact time.
Developed to Rebellion’s exacting specifications by master watchmaker Laurent Besse, the audacious REB-7 offers as much in the way of technical surprise as it does in the way of aggressive visual excitement.

Technical specifications

REB-7 Regulator

  • Case: Modular sandwich construction
  • Materials : available in red gold, pink gold and white gold
  • Sapphire crystals: compound curves, bevelled edges, anti-reflection coating both faces, display back
  • Dimensions : 46 mm X 56,7 mm X 19,6 mm
  • Number of components : 45
  • Water resistance : 100m
  • Movement: Calibre : REB-7, automatic winding regulator movement
  • Power reserve : 42 hours
  • Balance frequency : 28’800 A/h (4Hz)
  • Number of jewels : 23
  • Dimensions : diameter 30 mm X 6 mm
  • Finishing: galvanic black gold plates, back gold date ring, gold plated wheels
  • Movements verified by in-house state-of-the-art testing laboratory
  • Strap: Natural rubber straps with double folding buckle matching case metal

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