Glycine – Airman Double 24 09 and Airman 7 DLC Golden Rim

Glycine Watch SA demonstrates continuity at the Baselworld 2009, presenting two new models from their legendary Airman-Family. And, on display for the first time, the complete collection of World Time Watches since 1953.

The heritage company from Biel has been manufacturing the legendary world time watches for over 55 years. And the story continues. The long-established company from Biel will be presenting two new models this year: the Airman Double 24 09 and the Airman 7 DLC Golden Rim.

Airman Double 24 09 – 4 times 24 hours
The 24-hour watch is immediately recognizable as an Airman from Glycine – but the functionality of the Airman Double 24 09 goes even further than the previous models. Four independent time zones can be selected thanks to the special movement 2424 and independent inner and outer bezels. The inner bezel can be set with the screw down crown at four o’clock on the 24-hour display, the hands at six o’clock and the blocking system for the outer bezel at eight o’clock.

Katherina Brechbühler designed the watch with much care for detail. The inner orange or yellow coloured 24-hour scale, the perfectly matched length of the hands, the clear luminous elements and the diameter of 44 millimetres make the Airman Double 24 09 not only aesthetically harmonious, but also ideally legible.

Airman Double 24 09, reference 3886
• 24-hour display
• 4 independent time zones
• Rhodanised movement 2424 with milled Glycine engraving
• Stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter
• Sapphire glass and sapphire glass back
• Water-resistant up to 200 m
• Leather strap
• With yellow 24-hour scale, reference 3886.195
• With orange 24-hour scale, reference 3886.196
• Limited edition of 300
• Guide price: CHF 3200.

Airman 7 DLC Golden Rim 
The Glycine collection’s largest figurehead is the Airman 7 – and that is to be taken literally, too: The pilot watch with three independent movements has an impressive diameter of 53 millimetres. The newest version of the Airman 7, the DLC Golden Rim, combines four high quality materials: titanium, carbon, DLC and – gold. The case is made of titanium and coated with extra hard, black matt Diamond-Like- Carbon DLC, the movement ring is made of carbon fibre. The gold rim made of 18 carat red gold creates a stately contrast to the technically high quality materials. Glycine will put only ten of these noble watches on the market.

Airman 7 DLC Golden Rim, Reference 3892
• Titanium case, finished with DLC-coating and 18 carat red gold ring
• Casing-ring made of carbon fibre
• 3 independent automatic movements, gold-plated, with blued screws: 1 x ETA 2893-2, 2 x 2671-2
• 4 independent time zones
• 53 mm diameter
• Domed sapphire glass
• Sapphire glass back
• Leather strap
• Supplied in a luxurious wooden box
• Guide price: CHF 8800.

The whole Airman family in Basel
Along with the new models Glycine will, for the first time, present the complete collection of its Airman watches. “For the longest time we were missing the legendary SST-Chronograph dating back to 1969, but now we have finally found one again in Germany”, says CEO Katherina Brechbühler. Nobody knows exactly how many of these watches were manufactured back then – not even the Glycine chronicle. According to Katherina Brechbühler, there were probably no more than 100 of them even though more were planned.

The story began in 1953 with the Airman Original – and is far from being over:

  • 1953: Airman original:  The first series to feature the legendary Felsa 692 movement and a 24-hour display. The last series was produced in 1978 and was succeeded by the quartz era of the Swiss watch industry.
  • 1967: Airman SS:  Also known as the Pumpkin, this model was inspired by the first supersonic passenger aircraft flight. The last series was produced in 1978. Today the SST is a highly sought after collectors’ timepiece.
  • 1968: Airman SST Chronograph:  Manufactured in a limited series of probably no more than 100 pieces.Today, the SST Chrono fetches the highest prices in the collectors’ market.
  • 1978: Airman Quartz: A quartz watch in keeping with the spirit of the time, which features an exceptionally strong pacemaker motor. Available in steel and in bi-coloured versions.
  • 1990: Airman Quartz Worldtimer: Features city names on the rotating bezel. The Worldtimer is available in steel or in two bi-coloured versions; it is water resistant to 200 m and is still being manufactured today.
  • 1998: Airman 2000: A follow-on in the style of the original 1953 model, but designed with today’s quality features. Available with two or three time zones.
  • 2001: Airman 46 mm: With its 46 mm diameter, this is a big-size trend-setter that is particularly popular in Italy, the USA and Germany. Available with two or three time zones.
  • 2002: Airman 7: With a diameter of 53 mm, this is one of the biggest wrist watches ever made, and is the first watch in the world to simultaneously show four time zones using three independent movements. This is one of Glycine’s most well known watches.
  • 2002: Airman 8: A remake of the 1953 classic using state-of-the-art technology, with a 24-hour display and a 36 mm diameter case. 2004 Airman 9 An all-round world time watch with three time zones and chronographs.
  • 2004: Airman MLV: Featuring a fluorescent dial and named after the Mauna Loa Volcano.
  • 2004: Airman Special: A 24-hour model featuring two time zones, just like the first world time watches. The Special’s upper dial is in dark blue and the lower in light blue.
  • 2005: Airman Vintage Pure 24-hour watch:  Inspired by the first pilots watches, for ex. by the form of the revolving bezel, the hands or the trapeziform calendar window. „Dégradé“ dial.
  • 2006: Airman SST 06: The „pumpkin“ is back. A remake with todays technology. Also available with 24- hour mechanism.
  • 2006: Airman Double 24: Exclusive „brother“ of the Airman SST 06. Pure 24-hours watch, displays simultaneously 3 different time zones.
  • 2007: Airman 17 and 18: The classic look of the original Airman watches, in diameters of 46 and 38 mm. Produced with modern technology and best materials. Also available as 24-hours watches.
  • 2008: Airman Chrono 08: The perfect world timer with integrated chronograph. Three time zones.
  • 2008: Airman Special II: A watch, fans of Airman have been waiting for since years.: the 24-hours watch with a diameter of 42 mm. Hands and revolving bezel are inspired by the first Airman models ever made.
  • 2009: Airman Double 24 09 The 21st Generation of Airman: the independent internal and external revolving bezels offer four independant time zones. A pure 24-hours watch.

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